Bershka ankle boots

A few weeks back we headed to London for the weekend, taking Emily and her bestie, Danielle. You can read about our Les Mis trip here, it was an amazing weekend and as predicted by Mr C the girls ended up doing some real therapy on Oxford Street. We hit the coffee shop to rest our weary pins whilst they did some damage. Being the end of January all the sales were still on and I couldn't resist a sneaky little peek in a couple of shops and guess what? I managed to snag myself a couple of bargains. 

I got this furry footwear from Bershka. I know you're probably thinking they look bit like workmen's boots but I like them. My very own Gok Wan (Mr C) spotted them on the sale rail and insisted I try them on, even though they're a size 5 and I'm a size 4! I got them for £14. Woohoo.

Bershka ankle boots fur lined

They are a tad big for my petite feet but with a thick pair of socks, especially for these cold days, I'm good to go. They keep my feet so darn toasty and warm with all that fur and they're real comfy too. They remind me a little bit of UGG's with the colour and the fur. I'm not a fan of UGG's, not that I've ever tried any on but I have this vision in my head of soggy boots, or maybe they're all lookalike UGG's, all squished, soggy and sagging over onto the floor, not a good look. I like these because they have a solid sturdy heel to stop that from happening so should hopefully last me some time. I think UGG may also do one's like these too though with a solid heel/sole, not just the ones I have stuck in my head. Of course if Ugg feel the need to send me some of their lovely boots I'd be more than happy to road test them and report back with my verdict! 

Bershka ankle boots fur lined

Another item I was unsure of at first, and I knew I wouldn't be able to return them as we don't have a store anywhere near us, so it was either love them and wear them or sell them on. As you can guess they're a keeper. A girl can never have too many pairs of boots right? Let's face it, I know spring is around the corner but we all know the good old British weather always has surprises in store and I'm sure I'll get plenty of wear out of them before they're packed away for winter. 

Bershka ankle boots fur lined

They're sold out now but you can find similar here and also here.

Are you an ankle boot lover?



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