A Les Misérables treat for daughter number two

You may be totally fed up now of my various posts from my trips to London so please feel free to skip this one, shame on you, but skip if you like, I'll still love you.

Not this weekend, but the one before we hot footed it back to the city with Emily and her best friend, Danielle, commonly known as Danna to us all. Emily and Danna have been besties since starting high school together and in the early years were stuck like glue, so much so that we began to call Danna daughter number two as she was at our house all the time, she'd practically moved in! They used to get on our nerves constantly laughing and giggling, always having to tell them to calm down and be quiet. Oh how I now miss those days. Its now boyfriends, cars, nights out and "can I have some money?". Although, the boyfriends now occupy some of their time, (well most of it) they still spend so much time together, taking it in turns to drive to college, visiting friends and sleepovers! 

They're both into drama and amateur dramatics big time so being the lovely people that we are we bought tickets to take Danna to London to see Les Misérables. We'd wracked our brains over what to get her for her 18th birthday, struggled and struggled then came up with a show weekend in London. Of course we couldn't leave the bestie behind so had to take daughter number one along as well, oh and we had to get tickets for us too, despite the fact that we only saw it last year, but there was no way they were going to see it without us. No way!

This post (mostly) features daughter number one and daughter number two.

Just arrived and passing through Covent garden, didn't browse, didn't shop, straight to the pub for liquid refreshments! 

Charming, we bring her all this way and Danna decides to have a sitting up snooze! Is our company that bad? You're a young whipper snapper, wake up!!!!!!!
Follow the M&M's

I resisted any chocolate from this joint, although I could have scoffed the lot, I just sniffed!!!

The girls were helping him look for his teeth!   
Yay we're here. Excited or what? 
Les Misérables London Westend theatre
Looks like we're up in the gods but the seats were actually very good. 
Les Misérables London Westend theatre
Mr C with the cast members. 
Les Misérables London Westend theatre

Les Misérables London Westend theatre
It was dark when we came out of the matinee so we headed back to the hotel for a freshen up and then out for grub!

Watching a show really tires you out you know, so we ate, had a couple of drinks, strolled for a bit then went off to our comfy beds. The girls had the room next door and we could hear them laughing and giggling away. At one point they were so loud laughing I thought da management would be coming to escort them off the premises, then it would have been daughters, what daughters? Apparently, Em had got off the bed, tried to high jump over Danna's phone cable, gone arse over tit and nearly knocked herself out! Oh the teenage drama. 

Day two.

Do not adjust your set, this is not a movie scene! This is on the road just outside of St James' park where there was some sort of re-enactment march going on. Sorry but I can't tell you what it was for exactly, I was too cold to be bothered with small details but at least got a couple of shots for you. It was funny because we stood for like, ever, waiting for them to get organised with their weapons and tanks and all, half of them didn't seem to know which way to stand or whether to have their weapon pointing up or down!!!! The girls were having a mad half hour taking snap chat selfies (not got my head around snap chat) with the army in the background, they were hilarious.

Here are some of said snap chats. Totally mental!

We took in the usual sites as although Danna had been to London with school before she hadn't actually seen the main attractions, so we walked our feet off showing her the highlights. We could have given her a map and pointed her and daughter one in the right direction but that would have been rude. Wouldn't it?

London Eye
Sorry for poor picture quality but we didn't want to lug our big camera around so iphone it was.
London Big Ben
Obligatory selfie (on a stick) Em and Danna look thrilled, not!

Seriously not bringing Danna again if all she does is fall asleep everywhere. I know she likes her sleep but this is ridiculous. Or she could have just been hiding away from the bitterly cold wind???
Em call the chauffeur darling!
"He's on his way mother dear".

Sunday afternoon we left the girls on Oxford street to go shop for a couple of hours, whilst we rested our weary pins in a nice warm coffee shop. Hey a couple of hours is more than enough time for them two to do some serious damage! I may or may not have purchased a couple of things for myself too. I mean, not from the coffee shop, duh, I didn't like, treat myself to some coffee beans and a grinder, I mean actual items of clothing/footwear.

Filling their pretty little faces with Maccy D's before the long journey home. Shopping makes you hungry, apparently!
We had a blast with the girls, who snap chatted through the whole weekend, sending them to the boyf's (still can't understand why you'd want to take a photo thats only there for a few seconds???), we ate loads, chatted about all sorts, cockney rhyming slang being the main topic of Saturday night, and had a jolly good time, tiring though it was. The girls make us laugh till our sides hurt sometimes, they are total fruit loops when they are together but they have a special friendship that I hope lasts forever. Oh and Danna, we do love you like a second daughter. 

Poor Mr C had to tackle the long drive home, but we had the Les Mis soundtrack to keep us going, although the girls eyes were shut before we even got out of London. 
We sang. They snored. 

Since we've been back home Mr C has been constantly singing, whistling, humming the songs from Les Mis, and although I love it, he's driving me mad. He says he's good enough for a main part in the show now and he does actually know most of the words but what is it they say "don't call us, we'll call you". 

Are you a fan of the theatre? Have you seen Les Mis? 



  1. Totally loving this - 2nd daughter, adorable much. Love it cause it makes me think of my buddies and they're totally like fam. Kinda need to make a trip out to London and see a show now. Aaaand I read the whole thing because I haven't seen a London post before - clearly I'm new here ;)


    1. Hi Marta. Thanks for your lovely comment! You should definitely see Les Mis its amazing. xx

  2. Great post, looks like a fab weekend! I love the theatre, but haven't seen Les Mis....
    x x x

    1. Thanks hun. T'was a fab weekend. Make sure Les Mis is on your list of things to do! xx


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