A little Mothers Day inspiration?

Everyone loves flowers right? With Mothers Day being next weekend here in the UK I thought I'd share a purchase I made a few weeks ago. It wasn't a conscious effort to go out and buy flowers, it just happened. I was very extravagant and bought three bunches. 

I love having flowers around the house, they brighten up any dull day and put a smile on my face and who doesn't love to receive beautiful flowers from a loved one or friend? On Mothers Day the deliveries of huge bouquets, little posies, and even the bunch being shoved in mummy's face by her little one whilst sleeping are so very special and mean the world. BUT, fresh flowers, especially at certain times of the year are so costly and last a week if you're lucky. So why not go artificial? 

I've been on the lookout for some artificial blooms for a long time now but knew I wanted good quality. Theses are all from HomeSense. When I saw them I could not believe how good they were and knew I'd found what I was looking for. I got the little posy of white roses for £4.99. I was after some just like for my white tray in the lounge. Perfect. The ones above are I believe, called ranunculus and are just as lovely. They were £9.99. I'm waiting to find a nice white vase before these are displayed anywhere, but I had to bring them home with me. 

Now, the bowl of pink and white roses are incredible. Not only do they look just like real roses, with their imperfections, but they actually 'feel' like real roses too. They must be covered in some sort of wax because the petals are so realistic, the best I have ever seen. I'm sure you will agree from the shots below. These were £15.

I tied them with some floristry paper string to bunch them together, I'd do the same with real roses, popped them in a round glass vase and they're now a great centrepiece for my dining table, but the thing is you can move them around the house whenever you fancy a change. They're a breath of fresh air on my dressing table too. Don't get me wrong I will still buy fresh flowers every now and then to sit alongside these beauties, you can't beat the smell of fresh flowers, and then I'll have a home bursting with colour and fragrance.

Mothers Day should be about celebrating the woman that has given you so much, we never thank our mum's enough for all they do, their strength and support and all the love they shower us with. It's the perfect opportunity to show her how amazing she is, so why not get her the flowers she deserves, but ones she can treasure for longer than a week. Shop around, buy a nice vase to put them in, or just buy a selection and hand tie them yourself, she really will love them! 

So many shops have a great range of artificial flowers now but do be careful as some look cheap and are not worth buying. Dunelm have a great choice and good quality too. This ceramic vase collection is just lovely for Mothers Day, and this glass bowl of ranunculus are beautiful. If you have a little more to spend why not have a peek at Bloom.co.uk. My goodness they have some amazing silk flowers. A little more pricey but they currently have lots on sale so go have a look. All I'll say is be quick you don't have a lot of time left!!

Are you sorted for Mothers Day already? Would you buy artificial flowers? 



  1. What a fab idea! I love fresh flowers but the cats eat them lol and some are poisonous for my little babies.. i'm gonna keep an eye out and definitely do this in the Spanish house! I've got my Mum some daffodils (she loves them! me too actually haha) from moonpig & they come in a little trough, I like to get something can be re-used lol....Really miss my Mum this time of year hopefully I'll get to see her next Mothers day ; ) x x x

    1. Hi Lovely. Get great quality and you can't go wrong! Great idea for your spanish home as fresh just won't cut it, ha ha and at least they'll be bright and fresh overtime you go. Your mum will love her flowers, they sound great and I'm all for re-using and replanting too! xx

  2. I ADORE flowers .... they are just brighten up any home.

    1. Don't they just! A house full of fresh flowers would just be so costly so little vases of artificial are just the ticket! x


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