MAC lustreglass in Venetian

Hi guys. Hope you're having a wonderful day? I mentioned a few weeks back that I recently bought myself a couple of lip glosses and saying that I'd not worn gloss for a long, long time. Not that I don't like wearing lip gloss,  I just don't think to buy it. That has all changed though. I picked up a Tanya Burr lip gloss in Aurora and was really impressed, you can read my review on that here and I had a couple of special weekends away planned in Jan/Feb, big parties, so was after a gloss but something a little more sophisticated so I headed to MAC. 

I wanted something to go over the top of my usual lipstick to give it more depth but with a real glossy and high shine finish. After trying out two or three I opted for Lustreglass in the shade Venetian. I didn't want anything that was too sparkly, I don't do glitter or sparkle on my face, and this was just perfect. It looks very red in the shot, and it is but when it's on top of my usual nude-ish lip colour it tones the red down and brings my lips to life! I remember wearing lip glosses as a teenager and they were so sticky, a little gust of wind and your hair was all stuck to your face, how attractive!!! I think they've definitely come on a lot since then, mind you my teenage days were like a million years ago, and this gloss from MAC I don't find as sticky or as gunky, although I've yet to wear any lipgloss out on a windy evening, so as I've got long hair, one gust and I probably would end up looking end up looking like a female yeti with an overgrown moustache!! I really love it though and now slap it on for any night out to add a bit of sexiness! 

MAC lustreglass venetian lipgloss

I do however have one issue. Instead of an application pad on the end of the wand this gloss comes with a brush and I'm not at all happy with the bristles, they're not smooth, they stick out all over the place so trying to apply this in a perfect line is near on impossible! You can see the bristles sticking out in the shot below.

MAC lustreglass venetian lipgloss

I'm definitely starting a love affair with lip glosses again, especially as spring is around the corner. I'm sure there are some gorgeous shades out there to pair up with all the pretty spring pastel outfits just waiting to come out of the wardrobe! 

Are you a lover of lipgloss? Who's your go to brand? 



  1. I am a fan of lipgloss! I loved my MAC one it's a cremesheen glass in loud & lovely, apparently same one Britney used on one of her tours haha! It's a pad tho not a brush, I know what you mean about the bristles I had a Bourjois one like that once. I was impressed with my MAC one actually, smelt lush too! Hmmm may have to treat myself to a new one now haha x x x


    1. I'm off the motto now you can never have too many lip glosses!!!!! You do need to treat yourself to one Heather and let me know what you get! xx


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