Spain photo diary part one || Fun, frolics & plenty to drink

As we fall well and truly into Autumn I thought I'd bring you a bit of warmth and sunshine through some holiday snaps from our time in Spain this September. 

Better late than never.

It's more of photo diary with a few comments thrown in for good measure, although if it's a bit of culture you're after, look away now as there's not a drop of culture in sight and without even trying most of these photos revolve around food and drink in some way, shape or form! I know you'll let me off, we did just go away to totally relax and have fun this time. 

First of many mudslide cocktails.

Freckle face! 

Oops......second lot of mudslides in the same day. 

Nothing beats having lunch on the beach, getting messy with your fingers and having sand between your toes. 

Here's looking at you kid!

Me and my mate Bruno Mars! 

After mudslides this is my choice of daytime refreshment, Tinto Verano. 

And some more of these.....

Wavy beach hair, I kinda like it actually. 

This mojito was not mine, wish it was!!

Me, my bestie and my beautiful mommy! 

Love this place. Playa Miguel is a fab cocktail/party place right on the beach with a DJ playing the loudest music into the early hours. 

They make a mean strawberry daiquiri too! 

Bottoms up, didn't think it would be quite right to show you the other side!

We had the best pool party ever at our poolside bar. Loud music all day, with of course, cocktails. I love dancing in a swimming pool, it's so easy, easy to jump up and down and spin round and round whilst waving your arms around in the air like a lunatic, not sure who did that though, although I can say it's not a good idea with a load of cocktails in your belly!!! 

That's the end of the photo diary for part one. I'll leave you with this lovely pic of Mr C until the next time.

Oh and..........

My name is Steph and I am NOT an alcoholic. 

Have you been to Southern Spain? What area is your favourite? 

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  1. That first photo is perfection!

    1. Isn't it! I love it so much I now have it as my cover photo on my phone and iPad!!!!

  2. Aww loved seeing this 😘 takes me right back there xx


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