The Body Shop twin-ball facial massager

The Body Shop twin ball facial massager Oils of Life review

For the last couple of weeks I've been giving my face a good workout. No, not facial yoga, although I've given that a try in the past, but a facial massage, morning and night. I was invited for a pamper session by The Body Shop recently (you can read that here) to introduce us to some new products including the new Oils of Life range. Kirstie, my fellow blogger friend had the full treatment using the Oils of Life and had a nice little massage with this little implement. The Body Shop twin-ball facial massager to be precise. 

The Body Shop twin ball facial massager Oils of Life review

We all know that massage helps with skin tone and circulation and that goes for the face too. A good facial massage can also help reduce puffiness and wrinkles and I'm all for that. After seeing this being used in store and feeling it on my own skin I picked one up to take home and I've been using it ever since.

I was lucky enough to be given some samples of the Oils of Life facial oil, which I have absolutely fallen in love with. All you need are a few drops of the oil, although any of your favourite facial oil will do, warm it between your palms and then gently apply the oil to your skin using a light circular motion. You then need to start with the twin ball massager. 

The box that the massager comes in gives basic instructions on how to best use it but I would highly recommend watching this video by facialist and body care expert Vanda Serrador. She calls it a revitalising dance workout for your face. You'll find the video on The Body shop website and also YouTube but I've given you a link below. 

I don't use music to massage to, I'm usually half asleep during my routine in the morning and certainly not up for any kind of dancing, (I'm not a morning person) although using the massager certainly wakes up my face as the balls are quite cold! It's a little heavy and being half asleep I have to be really careful not to drop it on my glass topped unit or the sink, so a word of warning there guys! As I say the metal rollers are cool and soothing on the skin and you really don't need to apply any pressure at all, the rollers do all the work, you just have to move it around, it's comfortable to hold too. I know some of you will be thinking "I really can't be bothered and don't have the time to add anything else into my routine" but it really does only add only a few more minutes and for me the extra step has been worth it. Using it alongside the facial oil I can honestly say it left my skin with a real healthy glow and radiance. I've used up the samples of the facial oil I was given and my other facial oils are just not cutting it so I will definitely have to buy some of the Oils of Life facial oil. This is not a sponsored post in any, I just know the two go hand in hand for me. 

Have you tried the Oils of Life range? Have you ever tried a facial massage technique? 

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