Short intermission, I'm off into hospital.


This is a very short post from me but thought it best to do so you don't think I've deserted you all. You see I'm off into hospital tomorrow for more surgery.  I'm having an operation on my other shoulder (right one was done about a year and a half ago) and so I may not be very active on the blogging and social media front for a few days at least. 
Thing is I have rheumatoid arthritis. An invisible disease. I was diagnosed some years ago and have been on and off heavy medication to try and keep it under control. It's not something I really talk about on here, because although I am in constant pain and some days are a struggle, I try not to let it define who I am. I get up and carry on.

Although the meds help a great deal I've had to have surgery on my foot, and my right shoulder so far, both related to arthritis. I've had three steroid injections into my left shoulder and they helped keep the pain at bay, but enough is enough and I can take no more. It's got so bad I now find it difficult to carry out out day to day activities, I can't go to the gym and I certainly do not get much sleep at all most nights. I'm exhausted. So although I'm not looking forward to the op, more so as I know what's coming, it's the best thing all round, as it will take away that bit of pain. It won't help my other bits of pain as my fellow sufferers out there will know that we're never pain free, there's always something going on!

I'll be off work, my day job, for around six weeks, as I won't be able to drive for a while and I need to rest up, but as soon as my fingers can type I'll be back on the social media scene, in fact I'll find it a struggle to keep away. I'll be trying to reach for my mobile even when I'm having full rest during the first couple of days, or even from my hospital bed!!!!

So for now I'll say hasta luego! Back very soon.  x



  1. I can only say you can't keep a good blogger down! Hope you are back soon and all goes well....Sending you big virtual hugs!
    Helen xx

  2. So sorry to hear this, Steph. I hope all goes well. Lynne xx

    1. Thank you for your good wishes Lynne, it means a lot. xx

  3. I hope all goes well. It is a silent illness but I know from a family member that it can be debilitating. Thinking of you and sending all my best wishes. H xx

    1. It can be debilitating at time thats for sure. Thanks so much for your good wishes, I'll be back before you know it!

    2. Poor you Steph - I hope the operation goes/went well? My mother has lupus which has some similar symptoms so I know a little of your struggles as an observer. Best wishes. Tx

  4. Good luck Steph! Thinking of you lovely x x x


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