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We all love candles, right? I'm a bit of a candle addict, and this addiction gets more out of control come Autumn and Winter! In my eyes a house is not a home without fragranced candles. There's something so comforting having these fragrances wafting around your home, especially Christmas candles, they make you feel all warm and cosy on these cold, bleak nights, spreading Christmas sparkle everywhere. Can you tell I'm a bit excited about Christmas? It's those amazing aromas that go hand in hand with Christmas time, cinnamon, spices, fruits, pine, all evoking special memories and preparing you for the festivities ahead. For that very reason I thought it about time to share a selection of Christmas candles. We're putting up our tree next weekend, it takes me forever as I'm such a perfectionist but I love it, I don't mind spending all day with carols playing, something alcoholic to help you along and fragranced Christmas candles burning away bringing Christmas alive. I'm getting that warm fuzzy feeling just thinking about it!

I never hesitate to buy candles for myself, but they also make a great gift so there's something for everyone here, and to suit every budget if you're thinking of presents. I'd be happy to receive any one of these!! The links are down below guys.


1. Yankee candles Winter Glow (large) -£21
2. NEXT Winter spruce         - £6
6. Neom Christmas Wish (3wick) - £49.95
7. Yankee candles Cosy by the Fire  (medium) - £18.99


Are you a candle addict too? What would be your favourite to add to this list? 



  1. Ooohhhh! I would be happy with any of these, Steph. Just gorgeous! Have you tried the Yankee candle frosted snow? It's beautiful. Love the Neom one too - I bought this last winter. Lynne xx

    1. The thing is Lynne, Yankee have sooo many nice ones. I will definitely try Frosted Snow and feed back to you! xx

  2. I adore candle ! lately I got the Toasted Marshmallow by Yankee Candle :)
    Great selection I'll be happy to get all of them for xmas.


    1. Thing is there are so many out there that I want to try Marie but the toasted marshmallow sounds divine! xx


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