March best buys and one not so!

I don't very often do a 'what I bought this month' or 'monthly favourites', in fact I think I've probably only done this one from Feb 2015! I just get on with using things as I buy them and forget to do a round up or I do individual posts on certain items. Besides which I don't buy enough each month to make it a regular post, some months I'll pick up a few bits and others hardly anything at all. March was month for picking up a few of said bits!

maybelline primer max factor blusher

1. Maybelline new baby skin: I'm getting into using a primer more and more now and after seeing Rosanna Pierce using it many times in her You Tube videos and raving about it I got myself some. I like it, but I can't say I love it :( Other primers I've used seem to go quite matt and velvety soft on application but for me this leaves what feels like a greasy film on the skin so you can't put your makeup on straight away. It does mattify if you leave it for a while but I just don't have that time when I'm rushing like hell in the morning. I'll persevere though.

2. Boots Dry eyes intensive eye drops: I have a massive problem with watery eyes. They run and dribble everywhere, when I go to bed, when I wake up, and if I'm in just the slightest bit of wind people think I'm crying my eyes out! It's such a pain in the arse in the morning trying to apply my eye makeup, it dribbles down my face for a good half an hour until it starts to dry up a little. Anyone else have the same problem? The opticians told me I'm suffering from dry eyes, which did not make any sense to me at all at first, how can they be dry for gods sake? Apparently they are dry so overcompensating by producing a lot of lubricant! Anyway, the advice was to try some eye drops morning and night. At first I thought they were doing the trick, slowing it down a little, but now I'm not so sure. In all honesty though I've relaxed on the regime a little so maybe if I get back to strict morning and evening application it may solve the problem. I liked these ones because some only last 30 days after opening, these last 90 days. You want to get your monies worth right? I've written the date I opened them on the bottle so I can be confident I'm not putting out of date stuff in my eyes.

3. Max factor creme puff blush: I bought this on a whim really, I was after a new powder blusher and rushing through my local Boots store, checking out the make up on your way through as you do, and I spotted this, quickly tried a couple of shades and ended up buying the shade Lovely Pink. Despite it being called a creme puff blush it is a multi-tonal powder and quite subtle so I use it for the daytime and then built it up if I'm wearing at night. It does last very well and I very rarely re-apply in the day.

Batiste dry shampoo hair Vichy foundation haircare

4. Batiste dry shampoo: I love Batiste, as I'm sure does half the population but I usually go for the original fragrance. Not this month. Fruity and cheeky cherry all the way, and I've got to say it'll now be the fragrance I pick up every time. I've tried other dry shampoo but always, always come back to Batiste. 

5. Vichy dermablend foundation: I've wanted to try this foundation for a long time, as I'd read some good reviews and had high hopes. I've got quite uneven skin tone, open pores and suffer with blemishes still (yes at may age, arghhh) so was thinking it would cover and blend them all away. Wrong. It is quite thick, as I expected it would be, with being a high coverage and long lasting foundation but I found it really tricky to apply, I tried with my fingers and a damp beauty blender but every single time I've tried it just sits in my pores and looks disgusting. As I said I had high hopes so I'm really disappointed with it. Doesn't help either that I've got the wrong shade. I went into Boots to try the testers (was thinking between two shades), they had a tester for one shade but not the other. When I asked the nearby assistant if they had a tester, her reply was "well, someones obviously pinched it and I can't open another one so theres nothing I can do!". Well, thanks a lot love for your top notch customer service. So yeah, got the wrong shade and I don't like it! 

6. Trevor Sorbie paddle brush: I went to the hairdressers the other week, you can read about that right here, and was told I should get myself a paddle brush as it would be great for blow drying my long hair. So what did I do? Yep, went and bought one. Am I getting on with it? Not really. I'm struggling with it, how the hell do you blow dry the back of your own LONG hair? Answers on a postcard please. Yes, it does make my hair smoother no doubt about that, but as a lot of you will know I suffer with joint pain, in particular hands and shoulders so sometimes it's easier to blow dry the hell out of it on full speed and then try and tame it (and burn the shit out of) with my straighteners. 

NYX control freak eyebrow gel

And last but not least......

7. NYX control freak: For those unruly eyebrows, and I have many. Mine just seem to flop downwards the minute I step out the door in the morning, at my age my eyes are starting to droop so I need to do everything I can to keep those brows up there and lifted! I now have the answer to my prayers with the NYX eyebrow gel. It's a clear gel and you apply with the wand after tidying and applying your brow pencil/powder. It really gives them them finished look. I just use a light touch and that applies enough gel to keep them in place all day. This is my favourite buy this month and I love the price point too (£5.50). I didn't want to pay over the odds for a bit of gel you can't even see and at this price you don't mind buying a new one, say, every couple of months, as remember that wand will get dirty and you'll be transferring that dirt and germs into that tube each time you use it. Yuk, so renew it often.  

Have you used any of these products? Do you have a favourite beauty product this month?

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this! I had similar feels to about the Maybelline primer, I found it really greasy too! I'm all about The Body Shop's Instablur! I've got one of the Max Factor Creme Puff Blushes and it's gorgeous! I haven't used it that much though as somehow I bought so many other blushes around the same time! Such a shame about the Vichy foundation, I've seen so many good reviews of that lately. Loved your story about the customer service haha!

    Kirstie | Behind The Scent


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