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Glamour Spring edit beauty box review Latest in Beauty

Yay, Spring is literally around the corner, a time when lots of us ladies like to give our make-up, skin and hair care products a little bit of a re-fresh for the new season. Well, thanks to Latest in Beauty you can do just that without it breaking the bank. I love ordering from them, I think this is about my fifth box now, and the reason I love it so is because you can order as and when you like, no subscription needed here! My last one was the Harley Street box, and the one before that was the 2015 Summer edit box.

Let's dive in then and I'll share my thoughts.

Glamour Spring edit beauty box review Latest in Beauty

Malin+Goetz vitamin E moisturiser. Matthew and Andrew launched their brand in 2004 in New York, a family owned and run apothecary, where they develop their own formulas aimed at balancing your Ph levels from head to toe! With natural ingredients and gentle technologies they have products to suit every skin type. This vit E face cream is super lightweight, oil free and has just a slight natural fragrance. Great for sensitive skin. I've used it a couple of times and it's lovely but at the minute my skin needs a bit more than this can give, purely because I've introduced retinol into my routine and my skin is extra thirsty right now, no worries though my daughter has bagged it (and loves it!).

Malin+Goetz Glamour Spring edit beauty box review Latest in Beauty

Murad AHA/BHA exfoliating cleanser. I love this. It does what it says on the tin. You can feels the exfoliating beads but it's not too grainy or harsh. With a trio of acids it keeps skin hydrated, cleansed and smooth all in one use. It leaves your skin really soft and radiant and has got some great reviews.

Murad Glamour Spring edit beauty box review Latest in Beauty

Illamasqua precision eyeliner. I was most excited about this being in the box but I'm a little frustrated with it sadly, purely because I'm struggling to apply it well. Liquid liners are notoriously hard to apply and the thing is, my eyelids are not as smooth as they once were so that might have something to do with it but I'll keep persevering until I get that perfect line. On the plus side it's waterproof and has A-mazing staying power, stays put all day until you take it off.

Illamasqua eyeliner Glamour Spring edit beauty box review Latest in Beauty

Rosie for Autograph Nuit Parfum EDP. I don't like this fragrance AT ALL. Sorry Rosie Huntington-Whiteley but it doesn't leave me smelling like the hottest supermodel in the world, in fact it reminds me of a granny's perfume! Luckily I didn't spray it on my actual person (I'd of had to scrub it off quick smart if I did), as soon as I opened the box Emily declared "ooh, perfume, can I have that?" and spritzed some in the air, it left me coughing and spluttering and Emily making a quick exit shouting behind her "nah, it's ok you can keep it!" You may be the hottest supermodel right now Rosie, with your make up, fragrance, underwear and everything else you've got going on but I can't even see you wearing this! Sorry again. BUT HEY, don't let me put you off, ha ha, you might just love the more mature notes of rose and jasmine, we're not all the same thank goodness.

Moroccan oil treatment light. Don't need to say much about this do I? We've all heard off this hero hair product. This one is the light version and is so much better for my fine hair leaving it nourished and manageable without weighting it down. Round of applause please for this one....

Moroccan Oil Glamour Spring edit beauty box review Latest in Beauty

BareMinerals bareskin pure brightening serum foundation (that's a mouthful). Another product I was excited to try. Years ago, when mineral foundation powders first came about, I tried the BareMinerals version but didn't like it, instead of hiding my open pores it just made them more visible and it seemed to cling to my oily patches so I've stayed well clear ever since. I've tried this but the jury is still out. It doesn't give enough coverage for me and I'm not one for using a brush to apply, I'm a beauty blender lover, and with this one you buff just a few drops in for a super natural finish. It doesn't help that this shade is a little too dark for me either. Hmmm......daughter, this might just be heading your way! I know so many of you swear by BareMinerals so I may pop to my nearest one to get a better shade match and see how it looks when they've applied it for me.

BareMinerals Bareskin Glamour Spring edit beauty box review Latest in Beauty

MUA Luxe 10 shade palette. There were two shade options here, Paradise or Utopia. I was hoping to get Utopia, which is the nude and bare palette but I got Paradise, plush plums and coppers and as it turns out I'm so glad I did. The metallic colours are beautiful, which you can wear as a single colour for a more subtle look or layer up to be more intense. I can't vouch for the staying power though as I've only tried the colours and not had them on for a night out or any length of time to give a proper verdict but so far I like!

MUA Paradise eyeshadow palette Glamour Spring edit beauty box review Latest in Beauty

MUA Paradise eyeshadow palette Glamour Spring edit beauty box review Latest in Beauty

So, another fabulous box of try-me products at an outstanding price of £17.99 and don't forget there's no monthly subscription needed, order whichever box you like and whenever you like, no pressure. If you don't fancy the Spring Edit they have other collections available that you might like. You'll find everything here. I know I'm wishing Spring away, it's not even in full swing yet, but I can't wait for the Summer edit!!

Are you a fan of beauty boxes? Which is your favourite? 

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  1. Wow what a lovely box of products! Really only 17.99? I'm off for a nose around!!
    Heather xx


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