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As soon as the nice sunny Spring days arrive Mr C and I are desperate to get out in the fresh air after being cooped up all winter. We both love to go walking, it's great for the body and the mind. I've said a hundred times on this ere blog that we're so lucky to have so much countryside and things to do on our doorstep. Just to warn you there's a lot of photos in this post as I couldn't help myself!

I keep promising myself that I'm going to ramp up my fitness programme, well, start it even, so with yesterday being a rather warm and sunny day we were off. After a late breakfast we packed my small rucksack (although Mr C carried it) with waterproof light jackets, water, small flasks of coffee and a bar of chocolate so we could have a little pitstop. We walked a short distance through our village, alongside the quarry and then on to the reservoir. We knew we were likely to encounter some mud after all the rain we'd had and Mr C was sensible and had his walking boots on with gaitors but I opted for my wellies rather than my walking boots as I have no gaitors and I'm glad I did in the end as you'll see later on.

The birdsong was joyous and really lifted the spirits, it was all we could hear, no traffic, no other noise pollution, just the songs from the birds, the odd bee buzzing by and the occasional human being out doing the same as us. You just had to stop every now and then to breath deeply and take in your surroundings. You can't beat it, all that fresh air, exercise, it makes you feel alive it really does.

I was wearing my black jeans with thermal leggings underneath, yes it was warm but I get cold, and when I'm cold I'm bloody miserable so it's best to be prepared, lightweight long-sleeved top with my down filled jacket, sunnies and SPF. It's cloudy on a lot of the shots and we were in and out of woods but the sun was out quite a lot so protection was needed for sure.

I do love this time of year as everything's bursting to come alive and shower us with colour.

We followed a little bit of the Leicestershire round which is a 100 mile circular walk around the county, linking field paths, green lanes and bridleways with the route visiting some of the best loved locations in the county. We went along the reservoir, managed a quick selfie then carried on out the other side towards the Great Central railway line in the hope of getting a snap of the steam train. 

We had a quick sit down when we got to the bridge and nearly missed the train!! It crept up on us, Mr C realised, I was all fingers and thumbs with my camera but managed to capture it as it was chugging by with it's passengers enjoying the ride or maybe even Sunday lunch!

In our garden, on a quiet day we can hear the trains whistle toot tooting.

After a bit of train spotting we continued. We broke off from the Leicestershire round and took the footpath to the right of the train track and into the woods.

It's funny we encountered two old ladies at the train bridge who were out walking themselves, they were going off in the direction we'd just come from and asked us if we were really thinking of going down by the train line as it would be terribly boggy, bless, I think they were worried we'd get stuck. We showed them we were prepared with wellies, gaitors, coffee and chocolate and at that they waved us off on our merry way.

The start of it.

Mr C marking out the path for me to follow! I didn't mind the water at all as with my wellies I was well protected, I was just petrified of slipping and going arse over tit into the mud! We both clung to the fence as we went. There was a couple that were following close behind (didn't have wellies on) and they turned back in the end, we, however were brave.

I sunk quite a bit and did get stuck a couple of times which was funny. The whole route wasn't boggy, just parts and after a while you come to a little copse, with a rope swing and all. Gave that a miss though and opted to have a sip of coffee and some chocolate for energy.

See that around the trees? Well, that's wild garlic. It was growing absolutely everywhere, tonnes of the stuff and it was in the air as you walked past it, good job we both love the smell of garlic! Next time I'm picking some for the pot.

The end of the route brings you to a little small holding with various animals.

And these. Are these ostrich? Although, I thought ostrich were quite big, from what I've seen on I'm a Celebrity, ha ha ha, but these were quite small.

We came out in Quorn village, the next village along from where we live, did a bit of window shopping, had swift half at the pub, sat outside to drink it which was lovely and then set off again. No rest for the wicked.

Now this walk probably took around 2 and half hours, and if we'd carried on through the villages we'd probably have been home in just over half an hour maybe, which is what we'd originally planned in our heads but oh no not us. We decided to walk along the river, taking us on a massive detour which added on another 2 and a half hours and we'd not even had a proper lunch!!! It's a wonder we didn't pass out trying to survive on a twirl and coffee. Folks, if you're going on a hike, make sure you eat well at a pub on route or take a hearty pack up. 

We met some more animal friends along the way and saw some beautiful properties that back on to the river and we played the game of which one we'd buy if we had the money and what boat we'd have. Ah... if only. 

It was getting a bit dull by this time, although still really warm, and I had to keep zipping up and unzipping my coat.

Finally we arrived home, starving and dying for a cuppa. Mr C looked at the stats.

5 hours walking.
Burnt 1900 calories.
Walked just under 10 miles.

We were worn out that's for sure, we didn't expect to be out for so bloody long, or walk so far but we walked through the front door with rosy cheeks and great big smiles on our faces declaring to the kids what an amazing day we'd had, (they weren't interested in the slightest). I will admit here my feet were aching like mad, wellies are not appropriate footwear for such a long walk, but in my defence we hadn't planned the second leg and boy they came in handy for the first half! One to add to the memory box though.

Walking is a fabulous hobby, you don't have to go far if you don't want to, take it a little bit at a time, stay local or go further afield, whatever you decide, it's the best exercise, you see so much and it's FREE. No gym membership required.

Get yourself out there.

Do you love to walk? Do you stay local or go on adventures? 

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  1. Looks like great fun, I can't believe you were out walking for so long!

    Kirstie | Behind The Scent

    1. It was Kirstie, I couldn't believe how long we were out, but loved every minute of it! xx

  2. Excellent description of your marathon walk session. Great pictures also, now if the weather would cooperate here!

  3. That looks like a lovely place to walk, we're only down the road in Nottingham :-)
    Love your outfit too!
    Maxine xx

    Www.chatterboxmax.blogspot. co.uk

  4. Great post! I loved it!!! Lovely photos too! I love walking as you know - can't beat it! xxx

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Thanks Laura, you can't beat walking and exploring! x


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