My current double cleanse routine

Cerave hydrating cleanser and Ultrabland oil based cleanser from Lush

Are you a double cleanser?

I have been for some time now, it's certainly the skincare law according to Caroline Hirons and to be honest it makes absolute sense! I think it came from Korea where the women there have been cleansing their faces using the two step system for like, EVER!

That first cleanse to take of any make up, grime and pollutants from the day and the second cleanse to take away any reside and impurities left behind, clean out your pores and leave you with squeaky clean skin.

Lush ultrabland face cleanser

My cleansing routine has changed a bit over the last few years because I now understand the importance of having that two step routine. My routine used to involve one cleanse, sometimes with just micellar water if I was being particularly lazy, and then in the morning I would never do another full cleanse, just a quick wipe over with micellar! I've always loved anything skincare but I thought that was enough. Shock horror. It's because of Queen Caroline, Nadine Baggott and various skincare groups on Facebook that I am now part of I've realised the importance of double cleansing and using the right products to do so.

Your first cleanse needs to be with an oil based cleanser to remove sebum, spf and pollutants and my choice is Ultrabland from Lush. I swear by this cleanser, I think I've been using it for about 4 years now, it just melts my make up away and I use it on my eyes too without any irritation. It's a balm texture and feels nice and luxurious to use. The ingredients include hydrating almond oil, rosewater and beeswax to help lift away the dirt without stripping your skin.

For my second cleanse (water-based) I use Cerave hydrating cleanser. I only became aware of this brand through the Facebook groups I'm in and I believe it only launched in the UK in 2018. Cerave is an American drug store brand and I think it's got quite a cult following over here now. This is a great budget-friendly cleanser that won't strip your skin, in fact it contains hyaluronic acid and ceramides to help restore your skins protective barrier so a good all rounder as far as I'm concerned. Remember I said I never bothered with a cleanse in the morning, thinking a quick wipe over with micellar would do the trick? Not any more, every morning I cleanse with Cerave as it's gentle enough to remove the sweat and build up from the night before so I have a clean canvas to start work on.

These two products are now my Holy Grail cleansers.

I use flannels to take off my cleansers which are cheap as chips. For some years though I used the muslin cloths from Liz Earle, just thought they were the best thing but they are sooo expensive. I was recently gifted the Face It wash cloth* from MakeupboxLDN and I absolutely love it. I know some people prefer to use a micro-fibre cloth to take off their makeup but I'd never tried one. I'm definitely a convert, I genuinely love using it and the fact that it's a cute heart shape with pockets at the back to pop your hands in is even better! It's so soft and removes cleanser and dirt effortlessly leaving your face feeling fresh and clean.

MakeupboxLDN make up remover cloth in black microfibre

washing my face with the microfibre cloth in a box

I wear make up every day so double cleansing is standard, I don't feel like it's a chore, actually it's a ritual I now enjoy. Yes, I've been naughty and gone to bed with my make up on in the past because I couldn't be arsed (or I'd had one too many vinos) and the pillow was calling, who hasn't, but not any more, in fact I haven't done that for years. It's also important to say that even if you don't wear make up you still need to double cleanse to get rid of all the dirt and pollution that settles on to your skin throughout the day, so if you think these would be a great combination for your skin you can shop the post below. 

Shop the post 

Post contains gifted item/s but all views and opinions are my own.

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