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When we booked our trip to New York I didn't realise that having breakfast at Tiffany's was a thing. We had joined a Facebook group called NYC the place to be (an absolute must to join if you're planing a trip BTW) and someone was talking about it on there. The minute I read about it, I needed to get a reservation. That's the difficult part. 

I thought I'd share some pics, my thoughts on the food etc, and tips to get yourself a reservation. 

You have to book via an app called RESY. It's the only option. You decide the date you'd like to book for, then exactly 30 days before that date you have to log on to the app and basically, it's fastest finger first gets a reservation! They literally go within seconds, and I mean seconds. Now I didn't think I had a cat in hells chance but thought I'd give it a go and attempt to get a booking for our first day in New York. My thinking was that if I failed on my first attempt I'd have several more days to try for.

InsideTiffanys \ menu

Much to my surprise (and utter excitement) I got a reservation on my very first attempt, I know a lot of people try for days with no success. 

The table reservations are released at 2pm UK time so you have to be logged on and ready to go as soon as you see the times come up. My top tip here is to create your account on the website and enter your credit card details into RESY days/weeks before so that you don't have to mess around on the day. Log into RESY as close to 2pm as you can as you don't want to keep refreshing your screen as it hits 2pm or just after as you could risk totally missing it! My next tip is to go for a time later in the day. I think everyone sees the times and tend to go for the early ones, thinking they'd much prefer to be there at breakfast time, literally. I had already decided to go for a time after lunch because you can have the breakfast option at any time of the day and I think that played a big part in me getting a reservation. I went straight for  the 2pm slot and got it. Whilst we're still talking about booking, I will say that although I managed to book for our first full day there, I really wanted to try and get a booking towards the end of our week as it was our wedding anniversary. I tried for another three days on RESY, thinking if I got another one I'd cancel the first, but no luck at all. I literally got on there and they had all gone within a minute. I was super happy though that we'd got one. I actually couldn't believe it. 

You don't have to pay upfront, you pay on the day, your credit card details just secure your reservation. 

Tiffany's menu

Let's talk about the food. Oh, and my little blue bag sitting there on the table:)  I mean every woman dreams of getting one of their iconic blue boxes right? I got a necklace.

Tiffany's shopping bag \ necklace \ champagne

The Blue Box cafe is located on the 4th floor of the New York flagship store and overlooks Central Park(ish!), from a couple of the windows anyway. You can choose to have breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea at any time of the day. Your choice. We logged onto the website (menu here) beforehand to peruse the menu and decide what we were going to order, although we still debated that on the day!

Our table at Tiffany's overlooking Central Park

I opted for the breakfast (so I could definitely say I'd had breakfast at Tiffany's) and Nick went for the afternoon tea. I tried to get him to have lunch, you get two courses with that, and I'd heard that you didn't get much with the afternoon tea. He wouldn't be swayed though. 

We had a glass of champagne, because how could you not, you're in Tiffany's, a one off experience. Don't choke on the cost though will you?! 

Fruit bowl for breakfast option

The breakfast costs $32 and for that you get tea or coffee, a little bowl of seasonal berries and a croissant with nutella, honey butter and jam, then you have a (very) small choice of your main breakfast dish. I went for the avocado toast. I was asked if I'd like to add an egg to it, I stupidly said yes, and was charged $5 for the pleasure, and then the poached egg was just too sloppy for me so Nick ended up with most of it on his plate!!!

The rest of it was delicious though.

Avocado toast breakfast option

The afternoon tea is the most expensive at $52 and in my opinion totally not worth it. I think Nick was of the same opinion in the end. I did try and tell him! There just wasn't anything substantial for that amount of dollar. Four tiny finger sandwiches (not enough to feed a fly let alone a fully grown man) one savoury scone and one fruit scone and a few very tiny cakes, oh and a pot of tea of course. 

Lunch comes in at $42 with some good choices. 

Afternoon tea at Tiffany's

Afternoon tea cakes

I think we were there for around an hour and a half and although the staff kept coming to fill up our water and coffee, we personally didn't find our waiting staff to be the best. Yes, they were attentive but they just didn't smile much, if at all, and knowing that the majority of the people in there are tourists you'd think they'd be more friendly, it came across as though they didn't want to be there, which was a stark contrast to the rest of the staff in the store who couldn't do enough for you. I'm not saying all the waiting staff were like that, probably just ours having a not so great day?!!

The dining area is quite small, I'd say around 12/15 tables so you can see why getting a reservation is not that easy with people wanting to visit from all over the world. 

So, did we enjoy the experience? Yes. Soooo glad we got to do it. Is it expensive for what it is? YES. Would we go again? No. It's more of a one off, bucket list type of thing. Would you recommend it to others? Yes. I would recommend it but I'd definitely have breakfast or lunch, the afternoon tea is not worth it in my opinion, and it's the most expensive option! 

Some people have said they just wouldn't spend that sort of money on a bit of breakfast or lunch, and I get that I really do, but, to us it was worth it, we may never go back to New York so, it's ticked off and I can say we've done it.

If you want to visit the Blue Box cafe (and do a bit of shopping whilst you're at it - hubby get the credit card) I hope you find my tips helpful and I wish you luck. The link to RESY is here and I actually logged on to my desktop as I found it easier than on the app on my phone.

If you don't get lucky you can be notified of any cancellations so make sure you put your name down for that because apparently people cancel all the time. 

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