4 Adults let loose on the Costa del Sol (Part 1)

We’ve been back from Spain for a week now, the weather has turned miserable today and I want to be back on that beach, with the sun warming my bones and the sand between my toes. BUT I’m not so the next best thing is looking through the photos *sigh* and sharing them with you lovely lot.

Sarah and John, our best friends had booked their holiday ages ago and they kept asking us to go too. We ummed and arrred a lot because although Spain feels like our second home, and we’d been out in May anyway, we kind of wanted to try somewhere different, but Sarah and John sold it to us so well, saying the four of us would have a great time, without the kids in tow (sorry kids young adults) so we booked our flights, then our hotel and yikes we were going in just over a week!!

It was never in any doubt that we would have a great time but my goodness we had an AMAZING time. We laughed until we cried making our tummies and ribs hurt, well I did anyway, never drank so many cocktails in such a short space of time, and we very nearly ate ourselves to death! It’s TRUE. Well, it felt like it most days anyway.

We took so many photos I’ll probably have to break it down for you in separate posts.

Get comfy, here we go.

I will never ever tire of the view of the mountains as we fly in, it makes my heart sing and my spirits soar.

Our flight arrived early and we couldn’t check in to our hotel straight away so Sarah and John met us at the train station and took us to their apartment. They had a wonderful lunch waiting with a bottle of fizz. We’d not been in Spain even an hour, but hey, let’s start as we mean to go on guys!

We went up to see the view from their roof terrace.
We headed out that evening, but first we did a little pre-loading at the apartment, see we're down with the teenagers we are, and oddly enough we found ourselves acting very much like them too. Funny what a bit of sun can do. Our young adults back at home would have been proud. Or embarrassed, ashamed, or whatever, lets move swiftly on.

I say a 'little' pre-loading, have you spotted the size of Mr C's glass. You could stick a goldfish in that and it'd be happy as Larry, whoever Larry is! And bloomin'eck is it empty already? Mind you, getting up at 4am to catch a flight is thirsty work I agree with you.
So I maybe, could have, possibly, had a fish bowl glass for my wine too. Sarah was most insistent made me have it being their guest and all!!

We had a superb meal, waddled to a cocktail bar and that was it, on the slippery slope from there on in. Oooh don't you think that's a great name for a cocktail? Two slippery slopes please!

As I was thirsty (and greedy) and my fish bowl obviously wasn't big enough I went for the giant tequila sunrise option!
We wandered along the promenade, past the chiringuitos with their food on offer........
........and the lucky lucky men with their wares spread out on blankets waiting to pounce and secure a sale. They can be a bit scary and intimidating but make sure you haggle and stand firm to get a good price.
When we woke the next morning it was dark in our hotel room but we peaked through those curtains, one sleepy eye at a time, and it was a sight to behold, blinding sunshine and a beautiful, cloudless sky.

This was our view. Not too bad eh?
After breakfast we hurriedly packed up our things and headed off towards the beach. We had arranged to meet up with Sarah and John at the cocktail bar we went to the night before. Dangerous I hear you saying. Don’t worry a quick coffee was all we had, cross my heart, the cocktails came at lunchtime!
Line um up baby!
Lady muck living it large!!!!
We mixed our days between the pool and the beach.
Yep, think I just invented Ocean Yoga. Check out my stance.
First SELFIE ALERT! We found it hilarious, not sure why, to take selfies everywhere we went so quite a few will crop up on here!
Now mudslides were my favourite cocktail and slid down the hatch so easily. If I remember rightly it had in it, Baileys, Tia Maria or vodka, Milk, maybe something else, all in a chocolate lined glass. I may have to recreate at home. After that first taste mudslides from our favourite bar were the order of the day on the beach too, and it usually was two!

And the next selfie, and the next mudslide. Check out that chocolate-y goodness in that plastic glass!!!!! Come on, it's got milk in it so it's got to be a teeny weenie bit good for you right?
Another day by the pool, another bottle of fizz, another selfie. Our fellow sunbathers watched us inquisitively wondering if it was someone's birthday. NO, Mr C announced, it's just a Wednesday!
Our evenings were spent mostly eating and drinking, as if you couldn't guess, with a bit of shopping and strolling along the promenade thrown in for good measure. I’m not sure how we managed the walking bit, we were stuffed with food to within an inch of our lives and Sarah and I joked every night that we felt at least 7 months pregnant! I actually have a photo to prove it but there’s no way it’s coming on here.

Strolling........with Mr c and JJ not afraid to show a bit of man love!!
Even got flowers.
Hey look, a trendy cocktail bar on the beach..........please don't make me........
.........oooh Sarah you are so damn persuasive. 
Ready for some more of those selfies?

It's been a heck of a long time since we'd been on a bus so we had to have one here. Don't we look a happy bunch? It's a bit funny though putting a nice frock on and then getting on a bus but it was like a little adventure and just had to be done! 
Let's have a selfie by our yacht daaarrling!!
And the taxi. This very night I laughed so much my make up literally slid off my face, no really it did, tears of laughter just washed it away and you know when you have those times when you're hysterical and you're not even sure why, that was one of those moments. 
Mr C looks like he saying grace before we tuck in to our delicious food. I'm sorry I didn't take many pictures of the food on any evening really as we all literally dived in the moment it was set down on the table. 
I'm sure if you were clever enough you could sneak by these barrels on the way to the loo, pop your head underneath and get your friend/boyfriend/husband to turn on the tap for a sneaky drop of vino.
Much easier than all the phaff with a bottle.
Umm, on seconds thoughts that bull is watching with it's beady eyes, step away from the barrels...
Well the man in the moon is watching over us so for now it's time to say hasta leugo and Buenos noches.
Make sure you tune in for the next episode!

Does anyone love holidaying in Spain as much as we do? Not sure how that's possible but please drop me a line in the comments box. Muchas gracias. 



  1. Style At Every Age20 September 2014 at 00:58

    Oh I certainly do! Have been going to Marbella for the last ten years and sometimes twice a year! We've been back two weeks but it feels like two years! I don't know what part you stay in but it looks fab, great pictures xx

  2. Hi fellow Spain Lover! We usually stay down near Calahonda, not too far from Marbella actually, but this year our friends had booked to go to Benalmadena and we joined them there. We used to live there actually about 12 years ago. Problem is it's always so darn depressing being back, but as my husband always says, we have to get back to work to earn the pennies for the next one! Got a point. x

  3. We had such a fantastic time with you guys. You introduced us to Spain many years ago and I honestly have no yearnings to go elsewhere. We love it there especially when you go too. I know we will grow old and still be living it up together in Spain!! Just need the lotto numbers to come up so we can buy our own holiday party pad!! Much love to you and again thank you for an amazing holiday xxxx

  4. What a lovely comment. We be there at Playa Miguel, drinking cocktails and partying away! xx


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