Duty free haul

Hello everyone.

Missed me? Be honest I know you have.

Well, I've missed you lovely lot.

As you know I've been on my jollies, back to my second home, Spain. We went with our wonderful friends Sarah and John and had the most amazing week with them. We stuffed ourselves silly and laughed till we cried but more about that later.

For now (and whilst I'm getting my holiday posts together) I thought I'd show you what we snapped up whilst trundling through the duty free shop at the airport because even though I don't find it much cheaper, unless there's a special offer on, I always buy something. The shops just pull you in. Have you also noticed that you have to actually walk through the middle of duty free to get to the departure gates? Not many people can resist a peek.

Wasn't all for me though may I add.
For Emily we picked up some ck One Summer, its so fresh and light, I instantly knew she'd love it. I keep getting a waft every time she walks by with it on and I actually love it too.

Mr C picked up some Diesel, FUEL FOR LIFE as he'd run out. It's my favourite on him and lingers for like ever! He also got a share in the rather large tube of Mentos chewy mints! He can't say I'm not fair!

Tom was also treated to a bottle of the same fragrance, great taste like his dad.

And por moi. 

A bottle of my fave, Marc Jacob's Daisy, Eau so fresh. Again, no cheaper at the airport and I missed out on Boots points! A bottle of Davidoff Cool Water. I often use this as my daytime fragrance for work. And finally a beautiful pair of Ralph Lauren sunglasses. Sexy. Comfy. Aviator style. Perfect.

I have to point out here that I was spoilt rotten as the generous Mr C treated me to these items. He actually went looking for new sunnies for himself  but spotted these and told me to try them on. I did as I was told ofcourse! I told him to just look for himself, get what he wanted but he didn't listen and got these anyway. I love them, so thank you Mr C. 

Oh I also got the lions share of the Mentos!!!!!!!

Do you shop a lot in the duty free stores? Picked up any bargains? Drop me a line, I'd love to know. 



  1. Style At Every Age15 September 2014 at 09:27

    I didn't buy anything on the way out and just stuff for the girls on the way home and that's mainly because I don't find it much cheaper when you buy the other end. You have a great haul though - envious! x

  2. Thanks for that. We actually purchased both ways but to be honest I don't feel it's much cheaper either way, but there are sometimes great deals on. The problem is I find I never have enough time to browse. Queues at airports these days seem to be longer and longer and a woman needs time, not to be rushed through duty free in 5 minutes flat!! Didn't get any make up this time so that's my 5 minute mission next time!!!!


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