What's in my make up bag?

Curious to know what's in my make up bag?

I'm a regular snooper into peoples bags, whether it be handbag or make up, through a blog of course, not their actual bag, I'm not THAT nosey! That'd be a bit weird. 

Let's satisfy your curiosity then shall we and dive in.

1. Estée Lauder lipgloss and concealer duo. This was a gift with purchase and I adore the double wear concealer. I use it every single day and as if by magic it's the perfect shade for me! How did that happen? Love the gloss shade too.

2. Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation. Still my everyday foundation and still in love with it. You can check out my previous post here.

3. Maybelline Dream Touch Blush (shade 07). This is a fab little pot of glowiness, if there's such a word? I'm not really one for anything glittery or sparkly in any way shape or form but this isn't over the top. It gives you a lovely pink rosy cheek with a hint of highlight, shimmer and glowiness, it's now an official word. I put this on last in my daily routine and it really does bring my face to life, thank goodness something does!  
4. No7 Precision lip pencil in Nude. I always use a lip pencil to line my lips and this shade goes with quite a few of my lip colours. It's a twist up liner and it comes with it's own little sharpener cleverly hidden in the end of the pencil.

5. Chanel natural finish pressed powder. I have combination skin and often find myself reaching for a powder compact to banish the shine. I've tried many pressed powders and not yet found THE ONE. I had high hopes for this one as well but I'm actually disappointed with it. You can see from the photo below that I'm still using it (it's the only one I have right now) but it's not one I will re-purchase so the hunt will begin again shortly for the next one. Please send any recommendations on a postcard, well in the comments box anyways! 
6. Burt's Bees lip balm.  I've just bought my first Burt's bees balm. Why did I not know this was so good? I hate my dry lips, they drive me to despair. I always have to have something on my lips, and am constantly reapplying lipstick when out, everyone must think I'm a right vain so and so. At home I'm happy without the lipstick/gloss but get through various lip balms.  This one is so nourishing and kind to my dry lips and will now be a constant in my bag. 
7. Bourjois cream blush 01. This cream blush arrived in my Latest In Beauty box recently and has become a firm favourite. It's a pretty peachy shade and quite matte unlike my pinky shimmer one above. I'll use this on days when I look a bit more alive and don't need so much of a lift! 

8. Lancôme Definicils mascara in 01 black. If you ever see me in the street and open up my make up bag you will always find this in there. NO matter what. I've tried a million other mascaras and none of them come close to Lancôme definicils. I have given the others a chance but this wins by a mile. It thickens, it lengthens and doesn't clump. This is my desert island product for sure.
9.  Clinique chubby stick in 06 woppin watermelon. This was a free gift in Glamour magazine a few months back. I've not tried the chubby sticks before but really like this one. If I don't want a full on lip I pop some of this on and I'm good to go. It gives a pop of colour in light pink, it's not too glossy, just right in fact and very moisturising. Well done Clinique and Glamour, I'll definitely buy another.
10. YSL Touche Éclat. Nothing to be said about this really is there? Doesn't every woman have one of these? A little pen that performs miracles! Although some days all the Touche Éclat in the world sadly can't help my dark circles. 

11. Benefit's They're real push up liner. This is still in my daily kit and I'm still persevering with it but have not yet fallen in love with it. You can read my recent review and thoughts here.
Everything is compact in my beautiful Elemis make up bag and everything here is what was in it on the day I took these shots. It doesn't actually change an awful lot from day to day at the moment. I do change lipstick but have only showed the current one. You'll probably also notice there's no eyeshadow. I'm not a massive fan of eyeshadow and certainly don't wear any for work in the day. I do intend to experiment a little with it though in the not too distant future so keep an eye out. (great pun hey?) 

That's it then you nosey lot, enough snooping for one day.

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  1. Oooo I have always wanted to try the maybelline blush, might give it a go now after reading this. I also love to snoop into people's bags. You have inspired me to do a what's in my makeup bag x

  2. You should definitely give it a go. I'll never be without it now Sam and it doesn't break the bank either xx

  3. Might nip to Boots the weekend yipeeee x


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