Bad hair days and my new magic dust.

My hair and I have a love hate relationship.

Most days I hate it, on rare occasions I love it.

I wake most mornings looking like I've slept upside down in the bloody bed, suddenly the wavy hair I long for seems to have somehow appeared overnight, but the waves are in all the wrong places, damn you hair! Due to the fringe (bangs for others) I have been growing out for like, EVER I also wake with attractive straw-like bits all standing on end, making me look like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards in my sleep! You know what I'm talking about don't you ladies?

I should love my hair and be thankful every day really because at 45 I don't have one grey hair (most friends dye their hair, sorry friends!) and I have lots of natural streaks, that's a thing I love about it, and everyone asks me how often I 'streak' my hair even hairdressers, but I'm all natural!!!!!!

Thing is, I've never been one for regular visits to the hairdresser. As you know I've got long, and straight hair, apart from an annoying little kink at the back, and I just can't be bothered. I can't. I know, I know, long, short, straight, curly it needs cutting every 6-8 weeks to keep it healthy, yeah yeah yeah, I know all of that but I find it such a chore. Over the last few years I've been going to a local, 'average', hairdresser for a dry cut, because to be honest, I couldn't justify spending a fortune on getting it washed and blow dryed. My hair is straight for goodness sake, I don't need it styling. I can wash it and dry it myself, Just trim the dead ends off please and thank you. 

This story is going somewhere honest! To cut a long story short, hairdressy pun thrown in there, my 'average' hairdresser messed up and cut my hair wonky. Yes, wonky, it was not straight at all across the bottom. When she showed me in the mirror she must have been holding it on a slant so it looked okay. It was Mr C that spotted it, stifling a snigger he kindly pointed out I would have to walk around with my head tilted to one side then at least my hair would look okay, never mind about me looking like a complete nutter. 

OMG- I've got to put this in here. As I sat here typing this my 'average' hairdresser called me on my mobile, for real, I didn't answer!!!!! Heck, do you think she's psychic and can see what I'm typing about her average skills?????? Errr..... Scared now.
Perhaps she was wanting to know why I've not been for so long!

Well I never, a new hairdressers opened up in the next village, and well posh it is too, big mirrors and fancy white leather chairs and all that. Not wanting to go back to Mrs Scissor-happy and not wanting to walk with my head on one side anymore, Mr C insisted I make an appointment at the new salon. I did. 

Along I went. I relayed my fears and my woes to the lovely Lisa. I was nervous. I was honest and told her that I don't enjoy coming to the hairdresser at all and have never walked out of any salon happy with my new hair do. (I ALWAYS go home and phaff with it myself for an hour, do you?) She was now nervous. And she then had to tell me that she'd got to chop quite a bit off to get me level and 'normal' again. *sob sob*. The long and short of it all, oops another hairdressy pun, is that she lobbed a lot off and I lived happily ever after. THE END

It's not strictly the end as I need to tell you the middle bit. I didn't start this post with the intention of waffling on about my hair quite so much, so thanks for sticking with it, you are still there aren't you? This post is, believe it or not, about a hair product. 

This one to be precise.

Schwarzkopf Osis+ Dust It
Schwarzkopf Dust it Hair product Haircare Osis+
You'll have probably guessed that as I don't like getting my mop chopped I'm not likely to be a hair product junkie either. You'd be spot on. I've only recently started to use a bit of this and a bit of that. The 'that' being the Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence as I got that in my Latest In Beauty box, and I really like it, and the 'this' being the faaabulous red dinky pot in front of you. 
Schwarzkopf Dust it Hair product Haircare Osis+ hairstyle
This is a red pot of magic dust. Just believe me. Whilst in my posh leather chair, in the posh hairdressers, it was sprinkled from above, onto my hair like fairy dust, well it actually looked more like she was shaking the salt pot over my head, but still, A-MAZING, is the word. 
It's a lightweight powder that adds texture and volume to the hair and can give you big hair if you want it, in fact the more you add the bigger the hair and the more control you get. Word of warning: don't go mad with the salt pot method, you don't want it all dumped like snow on top of your head. Gently does it, in fact my tip is to sprinkle into your palm (as above) and then add in with your finger tips. You can then put it exactly where it needs to go. I use it to get my sticky-uppy straw under control when I wake in the morning and to add a bit of oomph. 

Click here to look it up on the Schwarzkopf website. You really should get some.

Never in a million years did I think I could love a hair product like I do this one. I truly cannot live without it, and it's funny because Lisa encouraged me to buy one and said exactly that, that I wouldn't be able to live without it, she's a good hairdresser that one!

And that's exactly why I'm going back to see her again next week, and hey for a wash and blow dry too! Hopefully, they'll be no more shenanigans with my hair and I'll be a converted hairdresser lover. 

What's your miracle and can't live without hair product?

P.S - Today was a good hair day, tomorrow may be a different story! 


  1. Ooo gonna have to keep an eye out for that pot of magic dust!! Ahh glad you've found a good hairdresser!! Your previous one must of learnt her skills out here lol! I love mine in Spain (she's English) Look forward to my little visit each time we're out there! x x

    1. You should Heather it's fab. You can get it at loads of places on line too and it's a lot cheaper than what I paid for it at the hairdressers! xx

  2. fabulous piece Steph, i too have a love hate relationship with my hair, I also have no grey, much to my husbands disgust, 6 years younger than me and LOADS of grey, he says it's because he lives with me! the only reason why I dye my hair red is because my natural colour is sooooo boring! Anyhoo, i may well give your magic product a go, as my loving (ahem) husband says, most days i look like a cross between a lion, boris johnson (when it was blonde) and an explosion in a matress factory so thanks for the tip. Penny x

    1. Aww thanks. Definitely worth giving it a try, should help to tame the mane!!!!!!!! xx


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