A Sunday stroll and a mountain to climb

Happy Monday everyone. 

Hope you all had a super weekend. The weather in the UK was not good this weekend, although it's still quite mild, it's been wet. Very wet. We spent most of our time indoors, chilling, catching up on home-y stuff, and getting excited because on the occasion we did pop out to the shops we were looking at all the Christmas decorations!! So anyway, I thought I'd take a little jump back to the weekend before when we went for a stroll around Beacon Hill Country Park. It's a short drive from where we live and I know I keep harping on about it but we really do have so much amazing countryside, woodlands and parks surrounding us, we are so lucky!

Care to join us?
I'm looking right sexy here, am I not? Nice big cumbersome walking boots. I know they're a necessity but come on........ wait till you see the rest of what I'm wearing, you'll understand why I was reluctant to be photographed! Can someone design some on trend walking gear, pleeeeease. Surely, comfort, style, sturdiness, and support is not that difficult to combine into a shoe/boot, I feel like I've got bricks on the end of my legs!! Hmmm, I bet I could jazz them up a bit with some fancy laces, a few sparkles here and there! Just a thought. Who says you can't be trendy whilst hiking? 
We parked in the lower car park,( there's various) and trundled off into the woods. The sun was shining and it was just beautiful. It wasn't very busy at all and it was so calming just strolling along listening to the birdsong and the gentle breeze whistling through the trees. 
Beacon Hill Country Park
Okay, here we go. Fashion bloggers, well in fact everyone out there, scroll down and please forgive me. I don't know what I was doing wearing this colour combination, paired with my on trend bovver boots. I obviously got dressed in the dark. I will not commit this crime of fashion ever again, I promise. You see, I don't normally do brights, well maybe one pop of colour at a time, once in a while, I'm more of a neutral  tone kinda girl, like black kinda neutral! Although I like pastels actually. Don't know what came over me.

Perhaps I could have got away with it. This could be anyone couldn't it with their back to the camera having an afternoon chat with a tree stump that's asleep!!
wood carving
Ah.......yeah........it IS me.
Our path took us out of the woods and onto the track up to the top of Beacon Hill, where we encountered this handsome fella. 
Here's a little fact for you: Sir David Attenborough is also from Leicestershire and in 2010 he came back to his roots to film the series First Life for the BBC. His journey began at Beacon Hill, the area he frequented in his youth.

The rocks that make up Beacon Hill were formed when volcanic eruptions deposited layers of ash at the bottom of an ancient sea. So now you know.
volcanoes Leicestershire
Just before you hit the top you reach some craggy rocks known as 'The Old Man of Beacon Hill'. See him? He's got a bit of pointy nose like me!!!!
You can see the old man's face a bit better from this side and it amazes me every time I see him, it's like he's watching over our county.
Tough climb to the top. I know, I know, you're going to ask me what on earth is Mr C doing hill mountain climbing in shorts and trainers, especially when he's telling me to wear bricks on my feet and hideous trousers, oh and did I mention I was totally off with the colour combination? Well, you see he'd just come straight from the gym, and straight into mountain climbing, he's hard you know! Nice legs Mr C.
It was hard going but we made it to the summit, and damn was it windy up there! I could be spotted from miles away in my colourful attire. 
Being at the top of Beacon Hill makes me happy and sad all at the same time as we used to bring our kids here when they were little to climb and have fun and for a few minutes I just sit there, remembering, hearing their little voices, squealing with laughter. Everyone takes their kids to Beacon Hill. I remember, ours loving it, running, climbing the rocks, and cheering when we got to the top of the big mountain. It was like climbing a mountain to their little legs! It was a massive adventure. Ah.....the fun we had and the memories we treasure.
Now either some big bloody animal lives at this address or someone's been playing camping.
Boys will be boys! Do they ever grow out of climbing trees? In shorts, in November. With a nice blue sky. Bizarre. 
How could I resist a day out with Mr C, as you can see he's such a fungi to be around!!!!! 
Come on, you laughed a little didn't you? 
I think this photo looks so magical, and that's so a fairy in the middle hovering around, right?
The home of the very talented woodcutter guy. I'm not being sexist, I know it's a guy cos it say's somewhere on the info.
The carved statues are dotted all around the park and really make you smile every time you come across one unexpectedly. 
This scary chap with axe in hand was at the end of our trail, wonder if this is the woodcutter!!!!! Although I think he's moved on to the modern technology of a chain saw now. Ouch, watch your fingers old chap.
We found our way back to the car park and the glorious and very welcome sight of a coffee van greeted us. Hot frothy Cappuccinos for two.
Do you have places like this on your doorstep that you can escape to? 


  1. Love this post and your pictures are just beautiful, I miss the English countyside... Oh and you're attire is perfection lol, very situational dressing! Love it haha Heather x x

    1. Thanks Heather. You can't beat the English countryside for it's beauty and peacefulness. xx

  2. What a gorgeous spot! I agree about walking gear too! Lynne x

    1. Hi Lynne. It is such a lovely place, we're very lucky! Bet you do lots of walking on your travels in your camper? xx


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