Nails inc Savile Row

Sorry this is a quick post today folks, not my usual grab yourself a cuppa and read for hours kinda post! You're probably quite relieved about that aren't you?

I popped on a new nail colour yesterday and fell in love so thought I'd share it with you. 

This is Savile Row by Nails inc. I've had a few of their polishs and must say I do like the quality. Any nail colour usually chips quite easily on me but this does last a few days, which is good going, although I've said it before, I very rarely use a top coat on my nails, there, I've said it again, but the thing is I always seem to be in a rush and just don't have the time. I wish I had a spare hour (or two) to sit and prep my nails with a lovely manicure, paint and top coat. At least I manage to get a colour on. 

Most of the time I wear nail polish but every now and then I'll give my nails a break and not wear any for a few days. This time I've gone two weeks without anything on my nails and I must say they look jolly healthy. BUT I can't live without colour for too long.

I don't usually wear 'plum' on my nails but I really like this shade and am glad it's in my winter collection. 



  1. Replies
    1. I do too Heather, just perfect for Autumn/Winter! x

  2. Gorgeous colour for thus time of year. Love this. Lynne xx

    1. It sure is Lynne, doubt I'll want to change it for a while, goes with most outfits!! x


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