Time to get my weary bones moving and my arse into gear

Happy Monday you lovely lot in that big wide world out there! Hope you're having a good one. Can't tell you whether I am or not because I was typing this last night, ha, and my crystal ball was a tad cloudy so couldn't see what my Monday would hold. 

Anyway.......my Sunday was a rather lovely one.

The last two weeks have been tough. I think I've been having a bad arthritis flare up. When I say I think, that's because every single bone in my body has been hurting like hell, but I'm not sure if it's Arthur rearing his ugly painful head again or if it's all down to some hideous cold, lergy thing I had before Christmas and is reluctant to leave. Anyways, you sure as hell don't want to hear all about my aching bones, and clapped out old body (consultant to be seen/medication to be looked at for those that are concerned!) so yesterday Mr C and I set about a plan to help me feel a bit better and more at one with the world. 

We went for a stroll. Not breaking any ground here I know, but I needed to get moving, so gently does it. We didn't roam far, we did the quarry walk. I did a post about the quarry walk a year ago funnily enough which you can read here, if you really want to, but apologies for how shocking it is!!!! My, I have come a long way in a year, even though I am blowing my own metaphorical trumpet! 

Sunday was a sunny day. Crisp and cold but definitely sunny. I had a gazillion layers on, I get SO damn cold, oh and cotton wool stuffed in my ears for prevention of earache. I'm destined to live in a warmer climate thats for sure, my body doesn't belong here. Well, I definitely don't want it in its current condition, perhaps I could exchange it for one that looks a bit like Elle MacPhearson, I digress, and yes I have a picture in my head right now of me with a body like Elle's. Hell, with the healthy action plan myself and Heather (fellow blogger) have in mind anythings possible, right Heather?
Just look at that blue sky. I stood for ever, head up, just gazing, watching the planes fly over dreaming of the summer already. I do love Christmas, with dark nights when you're all cosy and toasty by the fire, but gee whizz I love Spring and Summer a whole lot more so please hurry up sun and come kiss my bones better.
Why is it that grown men have this inbuilt ability to act like a little boy when there's any object around that they can climb? Anyone?
As I said, it was sunny but there were little carpets of frost everywhere, in fact I nearly went arse over tit a couple of times on some patches of ice, never mind aching bones, very nearly broken bones more like! 'Twas a close call.

Pretty though........
When you walk this footpath it feels like your being naughty and trespassing when you suddenly find yourself in the middle of a working quarry. It's totally cool. With a walker pedestrian crossing and everything! 
Are you thinking what I'm thinking? That Mr C's hat looks rather Christmassy? I've only just noticed, not sure if they look like those red Christmas plant things, the name escapes me right now, or just plain old snowflakes. Hmm.... might have to hide that one away until next December! And besides which, the jury is still out as to whether a man should ever been out in a pom pom hat!!!! Fashion bloggers out there are probably averting their in disgust right now. Although, Mr C won't mind me saying that fashion is not his middle name. I'm working on it.

I put the above shot on Instagram.  I was taking a pic of Mr C, taking a selfie of himself with a stick he'd picked up on the walk (as boys do!) when he shouts "hey, I've got a new invention", shame he's about 12 months too late or we'd have been filthy rich by now!! Damn.
We met this little fella on the way back. I know you're wondering why someone has painted him a shade of purple? Don't be alarmed they haven't, it's my excellent photography skills in action once again, hey, I know I'm no expert, in fact I've got ZERO photography knowledge, although I do know horses should not look blue-y purple at all in photos. An expert would have seen this when taking the shot and adjusted it right there and then but being the non-expert that I am, and only taking these on my i-phone, I noticed it when I got home and by that time it was dark and my subject would have well and truly trotted off, so you've got a blue-y purple pony, how artistic!    
(psst...... turns out I had my phone on a blurry-type setting when I took the pony portrait . DOH!)
We waved goodbye to our new friend and made our way home, some friend though, he turned his back on us the minute he knew we had no grub to give him! 
Sensible people tend to go out walking early on in the day, to get the most of the winter sun, and return home to a Sunday roast, but oh no, not us. Mr C spent his morning at the gym (I'm not complaining, although he may do in the morning, ouch!) and by the time I'd put on my base layer, jumper, jeans, two pairs of socks, walking boots, North Face coat, hat and finally my gloves, had one last precautionary trip to the WC, (Shewee springs to mind, inconvenience of a bladder the size of a pinhead) we were ready to leave the house at around 1pm! I know I'm not the worlds fastest at getting ready by any means, and it's one of Mr C's biggest frustrations, he say's he'll never understand why it takes a woman sooooo long to get ready, and then have to look in the mirror a million times more before she puts one foot out the door, but this time our delayed departure wasn't my fault. I could have been ready and waiting, had Mr C decided to mention a nice walk before he went to the gym. 
Anyway, late afternoon, the sun had faded, I swear I had frost bite in my fingers, cold ears, and a dripping nose. Despite me not looking quite the vision of beauty that I was when I left the house, you'll just have to imagine what I looked like in that sexy gear as mentioned above, I felt great. Joint pain not too bad. Fresh air in lungs. Glad to be out and getting my arse into gear. It certainly made me feel better and more positive that I can get this pain under control again.

I also had positive visions of a nice roast dinner waiting for us, we worked up an appetite and I was bloomin starving. I'd only had 2 of the tiniest slices of wholemeal toast for breakfast because of this healthy eating stuff I've got going on but we'll talk about that another time, but no, sadly no-one was going to cook for us whilst we were out adventuring, unless the fairy godmother happened to pop in. Now, I repeat, if we'd, well, Mr C, had been clever and mentioned our outing in advance, we could have left the meat roasting nice and slowly as son was at home (recovering from very late night, in fact latest yet, stumbling in at 6am) and he would have been quite capable, I think, of checking in on the oven from time to time and besides we were still local. Luckily all was not lost as Mr C promised to cook whilst I thawed out and blogged away for you guys. Turns out I didn't have frost bite, once I had them wrapped around a hot cuppa they soon warmed up. Win Win. 

(Note to self: should have taken the new black and pink, yes pink, Michelin man style gloves made for the antarctic that Mr C got me the other week, despite the sun being out and remember to ALWAYS tuck base layer into jeans to prevent many unwanted cold draughts whipping round your delicate regions.)

What did you do this weekend? Any exploring? Or were you sensible and stayed indoors?



  1. I hope you feel better soon, Steph. Poor you! Beautiful photographs. I cringe when I look back at my early posts too! It's amazing how much you learn along the way. Lynne xx

    1. Aww thanks Lynne. Aching fingers and toes crossed that I'll be on the mend soon! I cringe too but its so lovely that we're all making mistakes and learning as we go! Take care xx

  2. Happy new year - i hope you feel better soon :) I do love it when I see frost everywhere but I hate the chill.
    Keep up the lovely blog.
    Em xx

  3. Happy New Year to you too Em. Fingers crossed I'll feel better soon so I can get back on the exercise wagon! Same here, love looking at the frost but I don't do cold!!! Thanks for your lovely comment and the blog boost!! xx


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