Crafty launch || Farmyard Jam & a Krispie Klucker!

New on the food scene in Leicester is Crafty. Crafty has gone from pop-up shop just before Christmas to now taking up permanent residence in the fabulous St Martin's independent coffee shop. They held their launch party last Thursday evening and kindly invited Mr C and I along to help them celebrate, how could we refuse? Everyone loves a burger, right?

St Martins coffee Crafty Leicester burger

St Martins coffee Crafty Leicester burger

We arrived a little early and were warmly greeted by Andy, the owner of the coffee shop, who showed us upstairs until our table was ready. He took our drinks order and then took the time to us the roasting room. Not only is this the most amazing, retro coffee shop but they also roast on site and supply coffee and tea to coffee shops, restaurants and hotels all over the UK. Couldn't get enough of the decor as you can tell by all the photos! I'm glad we arrived early and got the chance to see upstairs. 

In a jiffy Andy was back with our drinks. I went for a glass of prosecco, fizz gets me every time, and Mr C went for a pint of Lawless lager on Andy's recommendation. Based on what Mr C drinks he thought he would enjoy it and he wasn't wrong.

Let's get down to the food shall we? 

To start we shared a board of fresh tortilla chips with guacamole, Korean chicken wings and pigcorn poppers. I loved the chips and guacamole and Mr C's favourite by a mile were the pork belly bites with the pineapple, honey and chilli dip which was a match made in heaven so I'm told.

On to the stars of the show! We each wanted to sample something different so Mr C went for the Farmyard Jam, a beef patty with maple onion & bacon jam, crafty sauce and Red Leicester and I chose the Krispy Klucker, buttermilk chicken in a spiced Rice Krispie crumb with slaw and BBQ mayo. I was so torn between that and the Smokin Shroom though.

Are you ready?

St Martins coffee Crafty Leicester burger

St Martins coffee Crafty Leicester burger

Skin on fries come with the burgers and we chose to 'pimp our fries', Mr C of course had the macho fries which were topped with the most tender pulled beef and jalapeƱos and I had the green nacho fries with lashings of avocado, yes I love avocado, cheese and jalapeƱos. Totally scrumptious.  

St Martins coffee Crafty Leicester burger

You want to lick the screen don't you? It's ok, so do I!

St Martins coffee Crafty Leicester burger

All the great produce at Crafty is sourced locally, the beef is ground on site and handmade with lots of love. 




Mr C tells me it was the best burger he's eaten in a very long time, a little messy to eat, as all good burgers should be, but totally delicious. My burger was also delicious and tasty although I'm not sure I would have it again. But let me tell you the reason for that. Nothing to do with flavour but more to do with the fact that this was extremely messy to eat, a lot more so than Mr C's. I lost everything out of it at one point! The chicken is in small pieces so very hard to keep control of. A chicken breast would be better in my opinion, although they would probably argue that the taste just wouldn't be there. That's just my opinion though and feel I need to be honest but I enjoyed it all the same.

As if we weren't stuffed enough they forced us to have dessert. Well, they actually didn't force us to eat it, we just thought it would be so darn rude to refuse. If you believe that you'll believe anything, I so wanted that gelato. Crafty have become friends with Gelato village who are just around the corner in St Martins Square and they provide them with bespoke gelato. The one for launch night was salted peanut and chocolate. Woah, I died and went to heaven right there and then!!!!! 

Crafty are open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening from 6pm and we will definitely be going back. I don't want you to forget that St Martins in open for business in the day for a top quality tea or coffee and a snack, follow your nose to the smell of roasting coffee beans. 

I know this is quite photo heavy but there was so much to photograph we couldn't resist!

The coffee house also have various events going on, live music, taster evenings, barista training, and Andy is so knowledgable about his beans and everything coffee related he'll be happy to chat about it till the cows come home, we loved that about him, so friendly and happy to impart his knowledge on us, in fact we probably asked too many questions and kept him from his work! 

We had a really great evening and would like to say thank you and a big fat well done to the team, keep up the good work. 

If you want to eat fab food in a cool, relaxed atmosphere with the most friendliest of staff, then Crafty/St Martins is the place to go, so promise me if you're in the area you'll pop along and say hi!

You can check out St Martin's website here and you'll find the link to Crafty and the menu there too.

Do you like a good burger? Plain and simple or bursting at the seams will filling? Where's your current favourite burger joint? 

*we were invited along for complimentary food/drink but please note all opinions are our own and totally honest.



  1. An awesome time had by all, thanks and good luck to Andy & crew at Crafty......great pics by the way.

  2. Yum! The food looks gorgeous!! You'll have to take me there someday ; )
    x x x


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