Steve, The Christie and The Great Manchester Run

Hi guys. Hope you had a great weekend. What did you get up to? We've had a lovely chilled out one but this time last week we we're just getting back from a weekend away.

Some months back Mr C was coaxed into signing up for the Great Manchester Run and despite not being a runner he took on the challenge. This isn't a post about beauty, fashion or even me, it's about Mr C, his mate and the reasons behind him entering Europe's biggest 10k that took place last Sunday. 

Mr C and Steve started working together a few years ago and quickly became good friends. Chatting, laughing and talking boys stuff.  It was during one of those chats that Steve told Mr C about his diagnosis of the C word. Prostate cancer in fact. They chatted a lot through Steve's treatment and Mr C tried to help and support him as best he could. Sadly, just over a year ago Steve lost his battle with cancer. That is why Mr C said yes to his first 10k, not for him, not for fun, but for his mate Steve and The Christie. The Christie is one of Europe's leading cancer centres and they provided the highest quality of care and treatment that Steve needed and supported him and his family during that time. Mr C wanted to give something back. They were his chosen charity and the countdown began. 

The countdown began but for some reason Mr C chose to forget about it, or just not think about it! 
As I said he's not a runner, he admitted that to anyone and everyone but he promised to start and said he would have plenty of time for training. He does go to the gym quite a few times a week and he's really getting into this fitness thing, not so much in the gym itself but classes, like spinning, boxfit, and body combat, the ones I get worn out just watching, and he's lost a shedload of weight in the last few months too. However, I'm not sure what happened to said training, yes he did do a couple of local runs and a couple of park runs but that was no way near enough and JJ his running buddy kept telling him so, but would he listen? I had no doubts that Mr C would finish it but I worried about what state he would be in. 

The four of us set off Saturday morning and this is Sarah and I showing our support with a glass of fizz in the back of the car on our journey to Manchester for the weekend. We always travel in style!

Time for touch ups. I swear Sarah had something from every beauty counter in that bag despite the fact we were only there for the weekend, mind you I can't talk! 

The city games were on and we headed straight there just in time to watch the mens long jump. 
A-mazing. The power in those bodies, unbelievable. 

Our men then took on Usain Bolt!

It wore me out watching scantily clad, extremely muscly men running and jumping about so we took our hungry bellies in search of food. Oh and cocktails!

Suitably stuffed we headed back out to the games. Can I just say here that the city games on the Saturday we amazing and so well organised, I know it was televised on the BBC so you'd kind of expect it to be, but all the areas that didn't feature were fab, organised, and with such friendly people everywhere we went and to top it all it was free, yes FREE! 

We wandered down to the athletics track where the 100 metres was taking place. On the way down there were famous athletes warming up and giving interviews. The amazing Jessica Ennis-Hill was there. This was her first competitive race since having her little boy. 

Saturday night we met up with Sharon and her husband Steve at Avalanche, a fabulous Italian restaurant in the city centre. Mr C met Sharon through the gym and we've both been on a few nights out with them. Sharon is real hard core (as far as I'm concerned anyway) when it comes to exercising and being disciplined. She runs, she cycles, she goes to the gym, does classes, eats healthily the whole shebang. I think it was Sharon that gently persuaded Mr C to do the run! 

Our table was booked for 7.15 as the runners didn't want to eat too late and it soon filled up, it was a popular place. Great art work on the walls too. 

We all had quite healthy options but we couldn't resist these cute desserts, not even Sharon! 

Eeeeek......race day! Sharon obviously knows how to be prepared. The runners were set off in waves and our three were in the pink wave which was the last one, around 1.30pm. We were stood right near what I referred to as the celebrity pen. So many celebs were running for various charities and they were there warming up (with a cup of coffee!), posing for the odd photo and signing autographs. 

And look who wanted a photo with me. Only Great Britain's Olympic Gold medalist, Greg Rutherford. He was adamant he wanted to put his arm around me and give me a squeeze, err for real! 

I don't think he gave Mr C a squeeze though? Greg, first name terms now, was just the nicest bloke, he was being held in the pen too but he said "can I come out and have a photo with you guys?". We had to oblige. He's actually quite a handsome chap, I didn't realise. Seriously though, he stayed for a few minutes and we talked about watching him in the long jump the day before, and he asked Mr C, JJ and Sharon about the run before going off to find someone else to have a photo with.

Look who found us next! I love Emmerdale and had to say yes to a photo with good old Bob. 

Good to see Sharon's best mate Hayley Cropper is alive and kicking. There were lots of celebs from Corrie and Emmerdale, being filmed up there and all, just hanging around and doing their bit. Hats off to them all.

Yes that is Paula Radcliffe in the orange frock. She was starting our pink wave off and as Sarah and I stood at the barriers she only bloody stood right in front of us and we didn't realise until it was too late and she was walking off. I mean right in front of us as well. Missed photo opportunity with the greatest female marathon runner of all time! 

We headed down towards the finish line with all the masses and waited for our crew to roll in. As I already said Mr C is not a regular runner, kind of just when he feels like it, but he said his aim was to finish in under an hour if he could. JJ, our good friend, who runs marathons and park runs every weekend was adamant he was going to stay with Mr C for the whole 10k to pace him and get him through it. I watched people coming through saying how they were glad they'd trained hard and were pleased with their time of 1 hour 30mins, so I was unsure if Mr C's target was achievable. All the time leading up to the race Mr C kept telling JJ to do his thing and get a good time but he never left him, like a true friend he got him to the finish line with a time of 59:42. He bloody did it!!!!!! Mr C shed a tear for Steve as he crossed the line with seconds to spare.

I had to do a double take at the photo above, for one minute I thought the lady in pink was Rebecca Adlington, you gotta admit it looks a bit like her, although it definitely isn't her as she is currently with child and not running around the streets of Manchester.

Mr C said he would not have been able to do it without the support and encouragement of these guys and wants to say a very big public thank you to you both. 

Proud moments for them all, especially Mr C and they were all on such a high. I was bursting with pride and got a great big sweaty squeeze from my man.

We were staying in a different hotel to Sharon and Steve so they headed back to theirs, our guys showered and changed then supped on a well deserved pint! Cheers boys. 

We had the best weekend. Sarah and I enjoyed being part of the crowds and showing our support to everyone, the atmosphere was so uplifting and the runners inspirational, each and every one of them, all running for different reasons. We scoffed on delicious food, had lots of laughs with great company and it has to be said that the city did an awesome job with all the events and entertainment over both days. There were over 55,000 entries in the 10k, astounding, let alone all the supporters and volunteers etc, how they all squeezed in the city I'll never know, but one thing I do know is that you sure know how to do it Manchester and we will be back in 2016 for a repeat performance. 

Huge thanks also go out to the people that sponsored Mr C and The Christie. Your support no matter how big or small means the world and goes towards a future without cancer. 

Are you a runner? Have you done the Manchester 10k or any marathons? 



  1. Congrats Mr C! Amazing achievement, even brought a tear to my eye!! x x

    1. Thank you Heather. Really proud of his achievements, not just the 10k but the weight loss and fitness too. xx


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