Benefit splurge for the holidays

Most of you have probably had your summer holiday by now, but mine is just around the corner, and I for one cant wait! All that sun, delicious food, fun, frolics and plenty of time to kick back and relax. I've been doing the odd bit of holiday shopping and found myself having a bit of a splurge on some Benefit treats, some of the things I've been wanting to try for a while. A lot of you have probably already got these in your make up bags and tried and tested them all and are not on the slightest bit interested in what I think but I just wanted to share my haul. 

Benefit makeup cosmetics brows mascara

I bagged the 'Sexy does it' kit with 4 miniatures. I order this from QVC actually, one for me and one for Em. I especially wanted to try Porefessional and this is the perfect way rather than splash the cash on the regular size and end up not liking it. Turns out I really like it. I've tried a few primers and never found 'the one' but I think this one comes pretty close. It minimises my open pores, where others have failed, and my makeup stays put well. A little goes a long way and I tend to just put it on my problem areas rather than all over my face. When I get the chance I'll be investing in the big tube. I've tried They're real mascara and the Highbeam before so the other one new to me is the Lollitint. It looks really purple in the miniature bottle and something I'd steer well clear of usually but I adore the shade. When you pop it on to your cheeks it turns out to be a delightful candy pink, giving you a flushed healthy glow. You can use it on your lips too, so for me this is a handy little tint will be great on holiday, especially if you're going out for the day and want a just a splash of colour. One word of warning though, work quickly with it once applied as it's like a stain so you must blend as soon as it's on the skin. 

Benefit makeup cosmetics brows mascara

I've done swatches of Lollitint and Highbeam. I've been using Highbeam for quite some time now, I think I bought my first one years ago when it was released. It's a satiny pink highlighter and I only use it when I'm going out for the night, it's not one for the daytime. 

I've heard a lot of people talk about Gimme Brow. I currently use my HD brow palette and I love it but wanted to see how this compared. I opted for the medium/deep shade and I'e got to say I got get the hang of using the wand to apply it, I'm used to using a pencil and a fine brush to get a sharp and precise brow. Apparently it has brush on fibres that make your brows appear fuller but sadly at the moment this ends up looking a little messy and doesn't fill in all the gaps that are there. I'll keep trying though, perhaps it's just me and I need to preserve. 

Benefit makeup cosmetics brows

Ahhh......high brow. This I do like. As I said I like sharp, precise eyebrows and this pinky-white pencil finishes them off nicely.  The colour highlights and lifts the brow, which I definitely need at my age!

Benefit makeup cosmetics brows mascara

Puff off, to iron out my bags! This lightweight gel is cooling on the under eye area and helps to sort out my morning puffiness. The unique ironing tip makes it easy to apply, you only need to squeeze out a small amount and it instantly soothes. 

Benefit makeup cosmetics puff off eyes

Now this is my favourite. The Watts up highlighter. Yes, I know another highlighter but it's a different shade. I'm hoping to get my hands on the Becca champagne pop highlighter so until then I'll be using this little beauty. This too is a gorgeous champagne colour and is subtle enough to use in the day as well as evenings. It makes my face look all dewy and I especially love it on my nose,  I can't wait to wear it on top of my tan!!! 

It's a cream to powder finish and it's so easy to apply. Just twist up, pop onto the areas when the sun would naturally hit and blend with the sponge provided! Easy.

Benefit makeup cosmetics highlighter watts up

Benefit makeup cosmetics highlighter watts up

Looking at all these items I only need to add a foundation and I've got the compete make up kit. Eyes. brows, lips, cheeks, DONE!

Do you use Benefit? Which are your favourite products? 

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  1. Thankyou Ira, and thankyou for stopping by x

  2. Really interested in the High Brow, will be taking a look at that.Love the rollerlash mascara, I have used it since I got a freebie on a mag, I was hooked straight away. Enjoy your holiday Steph
    Laurie x

    1. Hi Laurie, make sure you pop into a Benefit store and try the High brow, it's very good. We had a fab holiday thank you! All over too soon though! :(

  3. Great post! Fab pics! I like the sound of the puff off will keep an eye out for that one!

    Heather x x

    1. Thanks Heather, I'm turning into a real Benefit girl!!! xx


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