Lilysilk Silk pillowcase || no more sleep wrinkles

We all want to keep wrinkles at bay for as long as possible right? Although bit late for mine, they''re definitely a permanent fixture on my face :( I often give myself a fright when I look the mirror of a morning to find my face all crumpled up after a night of tossing and turning and shoving my head into a cotton pillow case, well not literally inside the pillow case, because obviously I'd suffocate but you get my drift. I can't be the only one to wake with puffy eyes, wiry bed hair with a life of its own and deep set tram lines around the eyes that take all bloody day to disappear. Can I? I'm a real attractive sight in the morning you know. 

You've probably also heard a lot about the silk pillowcase trend, about how much they help your skin, your hair and most of all those dreaded and damn unsightly sleep wrinkles. So hello silk pillowcase. My new best friend. 

I bought it mainly for the wrinkle issue as silk is hypoallergenic and it has the same amino acids and proteins found in the skin so helps to retain moisture. Products you've just slathered on your face for that overnight helping hand will stay on your face and not be absorbed like they are with a cotton pillowcase. Cotton pillowcases absorb any moisture, making your hair and face dry out, and imagine how unhygienic your pillowcase is! Eugh. Smooth silk, no friction, no tram lines = happy days. 

Silk pillowcases and bedding have so many other benefits too:

* Helps keep hair smooth and avoid that just electrocuted look of a morning.  

* Helps to prevent hair loss

* Helps to regulate body temperate for a more comfortable nights sleep. 

* Top quality mulberry silk is so durable and if looked after properly can last up to 10 years+

Oh can I just say I risked life and limb to get this fresh lavender from my garden as it was totally covered in buzzy bees. I go to all sorts of lengths for you guys. I survived. 

Lilysilk natural silk pillowcase bedding

After a bit of research I ordered mine from Lilysilk. They specialise in Grade A mulberry silk. I ordered the Oxford style pillowcase in white but they have other styles and colours to suit so don't worry I'm sure you'll get one to match your colour scheme. They have a great selection of bedding, nightwear and accessories too. I will say I found their shipping costs to the UK a little expensive, especially seeing as they're delivered from within the UK but I ordered a couple of items and got free shipping. They currently have a sale on too so if you fancy a browse then you can use my link or the link in the sidebar.

My combination for bedtime is my Lush comforter shower cream, spray of Lavender (on the duvet not the pillowcase) and my swishy silk to lay my weary head on. None of that makes me sleep any better however but my face doesn't look like its been squashed into a paper bag any more in the morning so I'm good to go! 

So, final thoughts. Would I recommend it? Absolutely. I wish I'd had one years ago. You might think they're a little on the costly side but if you value your looks (and your hair) then get one, its worth it, and if it does last you years there's a cost saving in there somewhere. 

I want to point out this is not a sponsored post, I bought this pillowcase with my own pennies, actually I lie, I bought it with the husbands pennies!!! 

Would you like a silk pillowcase? Or have you already got one? 



  1. I've always wanted to buy a silk pillow case and try it, since I've read about how good it is for our skin. You finally convinced me. Have a great Sunday!

    1. Hi Gabriela. I was a bit sceptical at first but you should definitely, definitely invest in one, you won't regret it! Thanks for stopping by. xx

  2. Oooh! Interesting, I never knew that about silk bedding, we could do with some new bedding and silk it is!
    Thanks for sharing hun x x x


    1. I know Heather, who knew!!! Try a pillowcase first and see what you think. xx

    2. Ooo good idea! Better then splashing out on a whole new set lol! x x


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