Meatcure launch & review || Leicester

Meatcure opened its second restaurant in Leicester last week, their first being in Market Harborough, and Mr C and I were invited along to the launch night and to sample yet more delicious food. I hear what you're saying "do we really need another burger joint in the city?" but burgers will never go out of fashion and there's always room for one more especially when it's a local company doing good, not just another chain.
 When we got there the place was already lively and buzzing. A glass of fizz was thrust into my hand as I walked in the door. Off to a good start!

It's located on Highcross Street, just outside of the Highcross shopping centre with a small seating area outside. Inside offers an industrial, hip New York-esque burger joint feel with a cool and relaxed atmosphere and chipboard tables and school type chairs! We parked our bums at one of the last free tables and waited with hungry anticipation for the food to arrive. 

Our first taste of Meatcure was I believe called 'The field of dreams". A vegetarian burger with a portobello mushroom, garlic butter, red cabbage, grilled halloumi, lettuce, tarragon mayo in a delightful brioche bun. I do enjoy a good vegetarian burger and this one didn't disappoint, even Mr C enjoyed it. 

Sometimes veggie burgers can be a little on the dry side, but this was moist, juicy and tasty and if that tray had passed by our table again I would have gone in for seconds! Sadly all that came past was an empty tray. 

Although when I turned back to the table as if by magic my empty glass had been taken away and a full glass of prosecco had appeared! Mr C went off in search of a glass of the Camden craft beer which lasted him all of two minutes so I think that was a thumbs up and a great combination with the burgers so I'm told. 

Next out was the Southern fried chicken burger with lettuce, red onion, smoked bacon and tarragon mayo although ours seemed to be missing the bacon for some reason and was a tad on the dry side. 

Sadly this is where our review comes to an end because although we managed to grab a rib each as the tray whizzed by, we didn't get to try a regular beef burger, despite asking the waitress, who said she would get one to us but unfortunately didn't. Even though we were sat right next to the kitchen and the pass no food seemed to be coming our way. The burgers, the chicken wings and the onion rings all seem to filter to the front of the restaurant and we were left drooling so we decided to leave after a short while. If I'm being honest here there didn't seem to be enough staff for the huge amount of people in attendance and the kitchen staff looked rushed off their feet, the minute trays of burgers came out they were gone, they couldn't cook them quick enough. I was quite surprised full burgers were coming out actually as at other events we were served half or even quarters as a sampler so everyone got to taste a bit of everything. I'm sure this will be no reflection on the friendly, top notch service they will offer on a regular day though, this night was an exception and an extremely busy and popular launch. 

All that being said the food we did taste was delicious and it's clear to see they are passionate and take great pride in the simple but good honest food they serve and all their ingredients are sourced locally too. 

Although we can't pass comment on the regular burgers, you'll have to go try one yourself and let me know, I'd definitely go back for a repeat performance of the veggie burger I had. 

Meatcure, thanks for having us. 

Do you love a good burger? Where's your joint of choice? 

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    1. Definitely a good excuse to go back Laura. We've not been to the Turkey Cafe, so I'm to your blog now for a look!!! x

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  2. amazing post, kisses!


  3. Yum! Shame you missed out on some of the others items, but what you did get to try sounds delicious and free Processco! Fabulous! x x

    1. It is a shame Heather but a good excuse to go back and the free prosecco more than made up for it!! xx


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