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F&F bomber jacket lace floral fashion

Here we go with another fashion post. Sorry they've been a bit few and far between. I really want to do more but I just don't feel very comfortable in front of the camera you see, and as Mr C often tells me, I'm just not that photogenic, and that's not cruel, it's true, he has to take at least 200 shots to get two or three decent ones! But, as I've picked up a few new items recently I thought I'd get back in Britain's Next Top model mode and strut my stuff down the country lane.

F&F bomber jacket lace floral fashion

Bomber jackets are literally everywhere right now in an array of styles and fabrics, they're the style for this season. Satin, suede, embroidered, college style, feminine, there's a bomber jacket for every occasion. I wanted to show you this one from F&F. It's a delicate lace design with a pretty floral pattern and perfect for summer as it's really lightweight, great to pop on for those cooler evenings. It's fully lined but to be honest it won't offer much warmth, just nice to keep off that chill. 

F&F bomber jacket lace floral fashion

It's the perfect fashion choice for an evening out. I wore it the other night with a pretty dress, statement accessories and the jacket draped over the shoulders, stylish and classy. OR why not keep it casual with ripped jeans and trainers. Either way, it's easy to wear and slightly different to all the other ones out there.

F&F bomber jacket lace floral fashion

The vest top I'm wearing is from H&M and currently in the sale in store. Total bargain at £3!!!!!

F&F bomber jacket lace floral fashion

F&F bomber jacket lace floral fashion

The jeans are a pair I picked up from Joules in their sale but when I look at them in these photos I realise they don't do anything for my ever increasing in size thighs! Although if anything, it's encouraging me to get back on the fitness train, I've been hopping on and off too much recently and I need to get back on track for sure. I want my slim self back. My shoulder has more or less healed now so I have no excuse. 

Anyway I digress, if you fancy the lace bomber, you can find the details here and the jeans here. You'll need to be quick though as the jeans have been reduced yet again. 

Do you like the versatile style of the bomber? 
Have you got one in your wardrobe? 



  1. I love bomber jackets. Really like the lace one you wore. Really cute!


  2. I also am reluctant to do fashion posts but force myself too sometimes, because I do love clothes and we all deserve to talk about them whether we look like fashion models or not! (and your pics are lovely btw!) My hubby takes like 10 pics and is done, I so need a new photographer lol! I love the lace bomber, more subtle and "go with anything" than most I have seen which makes it a winner in my book! And I'm sure the jeans look fab in person (I think they look fine in the pics btw but I am also learning that the straight on camera shot is not the most flattering, for me anyway). Who ever said blogging was easy?! ;-) xo

    1. Well said lovely. We're all different shapes and sizes and most of us don't look like fashion models but we should be proud to flaunt what we've got and my word blogging is so not easy!! Thanks for your lovely comment. xx

  3. Love this pretty bomber Steph, more classic than many on the market. Great outfit too!
    Heidi x


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