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Charlotte Tilbury lipstick review hot lips collection blusher cheek to chic

Whilst in London last weekend I made it my mission to head to the Charlotte Tilbury store in Covent Garden. I didn't own a single item and wanted to get myself a lipstick. Don't ask me why a lipstick, I've seen so much of her make up on social media and in blog reviews, there's so much I'd love but thought a lipstick was a good place to start.

Charlotte Tilbury lipstick review hot lips collection blusher cheek to chic

The store was so busy and my goodness, there were so many lipsticks to choose from I really didn't know where to start. I found myself hovering around the Hot Lips collection as I was drawn to some of the shades. Hot Lips is the new 2016 collection with 16 lipsticks, including four of her bestselling favourites. They are inspired by and in collaboration with some of the world's most inspiring celebrity women. 

I waited patiently for one of the assistants to become available and then pounced. The loveliest gentleman came to my assistance and after telling him about my love for my MAC Faux, (I wear it always), and me saying I wanted something a little bit brighter, he thought I should try Secret Salma which is a deep-rose, plum-y colour as it would go well with my brown hair and brown eyes. Thing is, I tend to play it safe with lipsticks now I'm older, sticking to quite neutral shades so not to enhance my dry wrinkly lips! :) I told him I wanted something quite matte, yet not drying so the Hot Lips collection was spot on with its antioxidants and soothing orchid extract to help soften, protect and hydrate. He popped some on for me and I walked around the store looking in the mirror as I went, I'm just not used to a brighter colour and wondered if it suited me. My assistant said it did, Mr C said it did, and I was kind of getting used to it as it did seem to brighten up my face. So Secret Salma came home with me!

Charlotte Tilbury lipstick review hot lips collection blusher cheek to chic

I have only worn it once as didn't have lip liner to match (another thing for us older women-always have to use a liner) but I bought one today actually from NYX and oh my, it's the perfect shade, it blends in seamlessly, you can't even tell you're wearing the liner, which obviously you shouldn't anyway. 

The lipstick has a blend of oils so it doesn't feel dry on the lips at all, quite moisturising actually which is good as my lips are as dry as hell. The colour is buildable and it does stay in place for quite some time with hardly any transfer on to cups/glasses. 

I really do like the Hot Lips collection and I now want more. I'm after Super Cindy, Very Victoria, Kim K.W, and Kidman's Kiss, I'm sure you can guess exactly who they're all named after. And yep, they're all nude/neutral shades, I know my comfort zone!  

Charlotte Tilbury lipstick review hot lips collection blusher cheek to chic

The problem is the 'Kid in a Candy Store' issue isn't it? So many treats in there, you can't help but look. And, you guessed it, think the first photo gave it away, I came out with something else. Whilst walking around the store, looking in mirrors trying to decide if Secret Salma was for me or not, I got to trying some of the blushers, as you do. I have to say at this point Mr C was loosing the will to live but he was so patient with me, and trying to help actually, bless him. My lovely man had gone off to help another customer so a delightful young lady stepped in to help me choose a blusher. I decided on the cheek to chic swish & pop blusher, but was torn between ecstasy and love glow. In the end I chose ecstasy.  

Charlotte Tilbury lipstick review hot lips collection blusher cheek to chic

A colour-rich powder formula containing finely crushed pearls to give your skin a fabulous glow. With the the swish & pop shades you basically 'swish' the outer shade on your cheekbones and then 'pop' the middle shade onto the apples of your cheeks. Voila! You really, really don't need to use much at all, it's buildable and so easy to blend. Again one that I wouldn't usually go for, I'm more of a pink blush than peachy but I do like it and I will use it, I just kinda wish I had gone for the love glow shade instead. 

So, Charlotte Tilbury are not the cheapest with the lipstick costing £23 against the £15 for my beloved MAC one, but the quality is right up there and I'm looking forward to trying more. 

Are you a Charlotte Tilbury fan? What's your favourite product? 



  1. The blusher looks lovely. I've got a few bits from CT now. I absolutely love some things, not fussed about others. The magic foundation is a love. You've tempted me to try a lipstick next.
    Julie X

    1. The blusher is a dream to apply Julie. I'm interested to try a foundation so might give it go. xx

  2. I have both of these on my wishlist! You need to try her Filmstar Bronze & Glow next! Oh & one of her eyeshadow quads! xx



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