Christmas is coming..

Jingle bells, Jingle bells...........Christmas is hurtling towards us and there's no stopping it! Mr C and I love, love, love it. The presents, the copious amounts of yummy food and alcohol and family time. So yesterday afternoon we wrapped up, although it wasn't actually that cold and hit the city centre where the Christmas Lights were being switched on.

For some reason I am distinctly lacking in festive cheer, I've usually got bucket loads towards the end of November, not quite sure what's happened or where it's gone this year so I was hoping this would do the trick.

We were greeted by the wise men on their real life camels!

Hmmm.....looks kinda cute and fluffy here but it's not gonna be my favourite animal (sorry camel) not that I even have a favourite.

How thougtful they had set up a bar. I'm sure the camels were very thirsty after coming all this way! Do camels like beer? Probably prefer mulled wine!!

We moved swiftly away from the smelly camels and our noses took us straight to the winter food market.....

Gave the roast chestnuts a miss though and started with the real food.

Giant Paella 

We were tempted by the chinese/Indian selection first.

We had yummy paneer curry with noodles.

Followed by a delicious chicken tikka wrap filled with salad, mint raita and hot chilli sauce.
I couldn't possibly let you see the pic of me eating the monster, it wasn't very lady like I can tell you!

In the market place there were also stalls selling a variety of Christmas 'crafty' things but didn't really bother with these, once I'd had my grub I wanted to move on!

We found street entertainers dotted here and there and we came across this strange but quite funny creature. 

Bright little pixies doing acrobatics. My friend Julie C, turns out she was also there, likened herself to these pixies when she's had a glass or two of vino??? Whoah Julie, can't wait for our next night out so we can really see your talents! I wish I was that flexible, and NO I'm not gonna be your partner in lycra. 

Not sure but think this one was some kind of Christmas bell(e).

I actually got bored waiting for the main event, the countdown and lighting up the sky. No celebrity to flick our switch, couldn't even hear any countdown, but as if by magic I blinked and the lights were on!! Hmm..bit of an anti-climax for me I have to say, the other half felt the same.

Oh well here they are.

It's snowing!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, so it was from a snow machine but it looks real right? At least made the afternoon a little more exciting.

Moving on to Town Hall Square

Aww....the nativity scene all set up. Although the Wombles and Thomas were set up next to it?? which took away the 'traditional-y' element and I must say Thomas and The Wombles weren't very Christmassy. Still I suppose the little kiddly winks loved it.

I'm afraid we didn't hang around for the digital fireworks display, I prefer the real thing myself. We both felt it was an enjoyable couple of hours but was lacking in something, it just didn't have the right atmosphere, or is it just because I'm all grown up now? I'm sure it was very exciting for the little ones. I find it hard to be impressed by any Christmas lights these days, is that an age thing too?

Still not found my festive cheer either, hoping it's on the way!


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