Long overdue

A few of my girlie friends felt a night out was on the cards and long over due! So cue a night at The White Horse in Quorn. A lively little place I must say, and have been a few times now with friends and our other halves. A fab village pub with a surprise. Every Friday night the room behind the bar comes alive with a live band and people dancing the night away with drinks in hand, trying to sing along to the track that they don't really know the words too (yes I do that too!)
Cheers everyone. Looking very sober here!

In the village there are loads pubs for you to choose from and the atmosphere at The White Horse doesn't really get going until later so we started at the Royal Oak. We had a couple in there and then our feet got a bit twitchy and wanted to go dance! It was heaving in the bar so we ordered our drinks and headed off to the hidden music room, if we thought the bar was busy, my goodness. We squeezed in through the crowds, had a brilliant time dancing, drinking laughing and letting our hair down, and boy did we need it. We just don't do it enough, something I think we need to change me thinks.
Still doing well here!

And here!

Starts to go downhill a little from here........think I've got camera, I mean phone shakes!

Then followed with a pic in the ladies (classy) and then a selfie to finish the night off

Our carriage arrived at midnight to collect Cinderella and her ugly sisters, sorry girlies, and we carried on the party at my house. We sat around the dining table with nibbles helped down with more wine of course, even though we'd had enough, and would you believe it was 2.30am before we really came up for air. What was really nice though, was that my daughter Emily sat chatting with us until the wee small hours and we all really enjoyed her company, and no Em you're not coming out with us just yet!!

A great night was had by all. Hangovers cue's anyone. Send me yours!!!

Thanks also goes out to my wonderful hubby for being our chauffeur and butler for the night.

Sorry about the awful photo quality but had to take these on my phone, I-phone and alcohol not a great combination x


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