Off to Mars....

Bruno that is.

Just a quick post about my A.M.A.Z.I.N.G night last night with Mr Bruno Mars. ooohhh, a girl can dream but no not with him obviously, and unfortuantely, but watching him gyrate all over the stage at Nottingham's Capital FM Arena.

WOW, what a showman, he can sing, boy can he sing, he can move, he plays the guitar and my goodness he sure can play the drums too. Is there no end to the man's talent?

What a beautiful specimen of a man!

Below are some of my pics from last night but not quite as good as the ones above!

 The band who perform with Bruno are also immensely talented guys.

I don't know about you, but sometimes when you see an artist that you like actually sing live you feel a little disappointed, but I can honestly say that is not the case with Bruno Mars, he sounds fab live, infact exactly the same as he does on his recorded tracks.

It isn't just his gorgeous face with the perfect lips or sexy smile, but his enormous talent, now don't be rude, I know what you ladies are thinking, I mean his enormous talent as an entertainer, naughty. He has talent and sex appeal by the bucket load! In his interviews he always comes across as such a cool, down to earth kinda guy. Infact, thinking about it, Hawaii is my ultimate holiday destination, no it really is. Send me your address Bruno and I'll come and 'hoola hoola' with ya!! wink wink!

Click the You Tube video link to listen to his new track, Gorilla.

Oh I do just need to also give a mention to the support act who was a guy called Mayer Hawthorne, also from the US of A, and he was brilliant. Really enjoyed his music. I'd say a little similar to Bruno with a real mix of different sounds. Watch out for him, his album is about to be released, and it's one I would definately buy. This is the man. If you click this link you can check out some of his tracks.  http://www.mayerhawthorne.com/


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