Liz Earle body brush & body lotion

My lovely new Liz Earle body Brush arrived the other day and oh how excited was I?

Last summer I started the daily regime of dry body brushing and boy did it help. I'd had the brush for about 2 years, yep you heard me right, purchased from Avon, and bought it with the intention of getting stuck in with it. Hmm....didn't go like that though, found myself just using it here and there, a bit willy nilly really so it wouldn't have made a blind bit of difference.

That is until, as I've just said, last summer when I got my dimply arse into gear and told that cellulite to do one!!!

I brushed every day and I can honestly say I saw an improvement in my skins texture and how it looked in the mirror. Okay, so I was ramping it up at the gym, doing classes actually, so that helped too, but this little brush was helping me to get rid of the nasty toxins.

Although my brush was 'okay', it was starting to loose some of its bristles so I felt it was time I upgraded my model to a better quality one. I've been a big fan of Liz Earle for years and knew this would be top quality. It's a pure bristle brush, it's so comfortable to hold and I love the fact it has a detachable long handle so I can do my back with this one too! A great price at just £8.  I've looked at others costing a lot more but I am more than happy with my new one.

I'll be totally honest with you guys, and admit that I've slacked of late and not been doing it so religiously, okay okay so not much at all!!! BUT I hate my orange peel with a passion and Liz Earle will spur me on again. I know it will never disappear completely, I know I have to get off my lumpy old backside and have to put in the work but I can't wait to start seeing the results. 

Now then, what do you do when you've brushed your body to within an inch of it's life and it's red and crying out for something to help soothe it?  Correct..........slather on the body lotion. But not just any old body lotion, oh no. This morning I scrubbed and then cocooned myself in the new Vanilla and Saffron body lotion from the Liz Earle bath and body collection. 
I'm not one for heavily fragranced, overpowering lotions, it needs to be light and delicate for me to want to use it. For some reason the name alone made me think I wouldn't like it, why, I don't know. Maybe the link with saffron/spice thing had something to do with it, making me think it would be too strong? I was sent a sample to try and have to tell you lot I adore it. It's not overpowering at all. My mind was playing tricks on me. The fragrance is lovely, so lovely in fact, that's all I'd wear for the day, no perfume. (If you see me around today I might look a bit weird as I keep smelling my arms every five minutes). Can't get enough. It's also light in texture but luxurious at the same time and wonderfully hydrating. This might sound daft but it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and I definitely want a full bottle all to myself! 

There are two other fragranced lotions in the collection which I'm sure are equally as delightful. Click here to check out all the wonderful goodies at Liz Earle's beautiful website. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE...........you have been warned, you will want everything!!!

I also can't rave enough about their Brightening treatment, which I'll cover in another post.


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