London Town on Easter Monday

Are we nearly there yet? I thought that's what we'd be hearing from the back of the car but Emily and Liam (Emily's boyfriend) were fast asleep nearly all the way to London. As I told you we planned a day in the big smoke on Easter Monday. We like driving into London, especially on a Sunday as it's free parking and we've never had a problem getting a space. We tend to head over to the South Bank and park around King's College. To be honest we weren't sure if it was also free parking on a bank holiday, some said yes, some weren't sure, so rather than risk the car being towed away we parked in a great secure car park just behind the ITV television studios. It's a manned car park open 24 hours and cost just £7, yep you heard me right, £7 for the whole day! It's so lovely being chauffeured around by your husband (who actually knows London very well), taking in the sights and the incredible architecture. London truly is a beautiful city.
We didn't have any particular plan, we just love being there, going with the flow, bit of food here, bit of drinking there, and lots of people watching. Not much shopping though as I can't tolerate the crowds and all the tourists out there after a bargain.

We strolled along the South Bank and grabbed some brunch. We were lucky with the weather, it was so warm, hot in fact, and my coat was off and on like a yo-yo!

On to Trafalgar Square. They had some sort of food event going on and was rather busy.
Not sure what the purple cockerel was all about!
We headed into the National Gallery for a browse but I don't think it was Emily and Liam's cup of tea so we didn't stay long. We stopped dead at the doors though as the heavens had opened. A short sharp shower was forecast at around 12.30 and for once the weather men and women were right. It only lasted ten minutes but we took refuge inside until it passed.

Nick braved it to take this pic of us looking sad as we wanted to come back out and play!
Next stop, Covent Garden.

I was strangely drawn to this shop. I know I could easily eat my way through every macaroon. No problem. Laduree I love you. 
Between us we had a selection of pistachio, coffee, lemon, strawberry & marshmallow, orange blossom, chocolate, and raspberry.
The next pit stop was for lunch at a pub, more drinks and more people watching, my favourite pastime I think.

Through the West End.
With full bellies and happy hearts Emily somehow managed to persuade us to tackle Oxford street, yes I know absolute madness on a bank holiday, well any day for that matter but off we went. Do you give in to your kids so bloomin easily? It wasn't so bad, we only made purchases in Pull and Bear, (I got a cute little white dress for the summer) and then I think Em, and the poor boys had had enough fighting through the crowds, so not too much damage done on the bank balance this time.

We parked our bums on the grass in Hyde Park and delicately devoured our macaroons. I savoured each crumb of mine but blinked and Nicks were gone!!
Had a wander through St Jame's Park.
Met this little scamp along the way and lots of his brothers and sisters, happily taking food from the visitors. I could watch squirrels run around all day, so entertaining.
Mr C was annoying but I suppose funny at the same time as he kept stopping to take selfies at various landmarks and posting them to Facebook doing a guess the location quiz with his FB buddies. They did make me laugh so I'm going to give them a post all of their very own so watch this space.

Sadly it was time to leave, when the weather is so good you just want to linger forever but, until the next time London..... 

Now, just to let you all know I am having an operation on my shoulder this afternoon (24th) so may be out of action for a little while, may be able to type one handed but it'll take me forever. I have scheduled Nick's selfie post but anything else may have to wait.

Be back very soon, I hope!



  1. I can't believe how behind I am on your blog! You guys looked like you had a fab day, am slightly jealous as we never get to do anything like this when we visit the UK, always whizzing around families houses and never actually seeing the UK! I think that will change from looking at your post!

    Those macaroons look to die for! I want some immediately haha!

    Great pics too, you look fab x x x

  2. Stephanie Canham12 May 2014 at 06:33

    Well you'll just have to make your trip longer next time, see all you family, meet us, and we can spend all day in London eating macaroons and slurping Magners, bliss!! Oh and your macaroons are in the post too along with your candy floss!!!! x x


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