Todays shopping trip

I had to pop into town today to pick up some foundation for myself. Now with it being the first day of the Easter holidays, my daughter has two weeks off college and decided she would come with me! Oh oh.....I knew what that meant. Shopping trip for Emily too! Although it was the quickest trip into town ever as Em had a driving lesson to get back to.

Here is our (little) haul. 
Please excuse the picture quality, couldn't use the camera today so had to be my rubbish phone!

Can someone explain to me why it is that when you want to go and buy yourself something nice you can NEVER bloody find anything? Hmmm.......Em managed quite nicely though! 

For her it was a choice between two gorgeous items in Zara. She opted for the floral dress (paid for by the bank of mum and dad of course!) Florals are still everywhere at the moment and the length is just perfect, a dress to wear with heels or flats, with or without tights. I love it too and would pinch borrow it, but Em has a slightly bigger build so may be just a little too big for me. Shame. 
ZARA - £29.99
It looks more like a top in this shot, but it really is a dress, look.

(The necklace is Primark, purchased last month & goes with absolutely everything including the new frock!)
Off mummy went to pay and whilst at the till Em had her beady eye on perfume samples, perfectly placed on the counter top. You know, like they strategically place sweeties at the supermarket checkouts so the kids have to have some!

It went a bit like this

Em: 'Smell this mum, it's really nice, you'll like it'.
ME: 'Yeah, not bad actually'
Em: 'ooh wonder how much it is, oh only £3.99'
ME: 'Oh go on then!'
There were two different fragrance options (in roller ball form so handy to drop in a bag for a night out) and Em just had to go and sniff the other one too and in the bag that also went! Although, I've bagged that one, called Los Angeles, it's smells gorgeous, similar to a Calvin Klein one but the name escapes me.

I didn't find any clothes that took my fancy (that's a porky pie actually because I loved loads but not enough time). I managed to get my foundation though. Up until recently I was using Chanel Perfection Lumiere but found it didn't give as much coverage as I'd like. I'd heard good reviews on the Estee Lauder Double Wear and after using up a sample decided to purchase the full size in the shade 1W2 sand, which is perfect for me. I'll do a review in another post.
Now it's not every day that you get something for nothing is it? Today I did. No, not the actual foundation, that would have been jolly nice, but no, a free gift. 'Do you mean I also have to purchase another item of make up or skin care to get the gift?' I asked.  Nope. The lovely lady behind the counter at Debenhams informs me that with any purchase of foundation today you get a 'free' lipgloss and concealer. BONUS!!
I love anything FREE! The concealer I think is a tad dark for me but the gloss is really nice. Great neutral shade. I'm not sure it's enough colour on its own but it looks good over my lipstick.
It was the quickest shopping trip ever, but some lovely items in the bag! And it's funny how daughters come along for the ride, but us Mom's know what they're after!!!!! Crafty but I love Mum and daughter time.


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