Nick's selfie tour of London

As I said in my previous post whilst traipsing around London last weekend Mr C snapped a load of selfies and posted them on Facebook doing a 'what's my location now?' competition! Bless him though, not many people participated as they were all quite obviously at the pub making the most of the bank holiday. Ten out of ten for effort Mr C.

So folks, as promised, especially for you lot overseas, how well do you know your London hotspots? Answers on a postcard, well comment box anyway. 
The horse's rear end coming out of Nick's head gave us a laugh!

Excuse the treble chin thing going on, selfies do that to you don't they?
Naughty Liam crept up behind and photo bombed this shot.
Also happended upon these break dancers in Leicester Square, very entertaining. Click and take a look.
Now..... I had to put these in to make you laugh. They had me rolling around the floor. Hell, we did cram a lot into the day didn't we?
Thanks for these Liam.

Hope these have brightened up your day and banished the Monday blues!

ps. I know he didn't get a selfie everywhere, maybe on the next trip!


  1. Love it! OK, first one Trafalgar Square? Pic 4 Covent Garden (I cheated, squinted and read it on the building behind haha! And I have no idea where the others are! x x x

  2. Stephanie Canham12 May 2014 at 06:30

    2/10 for effort!!!!!!!!! We love London and can't wait to go back. The drive from the Midlands is not too bad so we'll often just go for the day coming back late at night. x


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