The other half of me..........

..........has gone away golfing. How dare he? I mean, we're practically joined at the hip for goodness sake!

He's gone away on a 'business' golf trip to Portugal. They could have chosen anywhere along the bracing shores of the United Kingdom for their jolly, would have been truly lovely in January I'm sure, but OH NO, had to be bloody Portugal. IN THE WARM SUNSHINE. Keep sending me pictures of you in the sun with your sunnies on, glass in hand why don't you!!!!! I'm not bitter, incase that's what you were all thinking? Don't worry about me everyone, at home holding the fort, keeping the family together and working hard. NOT BITTER.

Got that off my chest. now, warning, warning.......

***Soppiness alert***

Thing is, within the first hour I was feeling sad and lonely. He's only just gone and I'm missing him already. You see we are soulmates. Together from the age of fifteen, now, ahem, middle-aged, and I am more in love with this man than I ever dreamt was possible. We laugh, we cry, we finish each others sentences and I swear on my life we can literally read each others mind, which sometimes freaks me out I can tell you. I know people say opposites attract and actually our personalities couldn't be more opposite, I'm shy and reserved, but wild when I get to know you, and Mr C is full of life, so not shy, and has so much positivity within him it's unreal. But we just go together. Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. And although we're different we like the same things. We love nothing more than each others company, and I think because we've literally just spent the last two weeks together over the festive period, it's even harder that he's away for nearly a week, a whole week!!! Don't get me wrong he does go away with work often but normally only for a night or two, so this is hard core! I'm making only one cup of tea to take up to bed at night and my toothbrush sits all lonely in the toothbrush holder all on it's own, tears are welling!! I'm not crying into my pillow or anything, just a little lost.

If this is not soppy enough, here's more......He holds the key to my heart and makes me feel entirely whole, healed and safe and knows how to keep my spirits lifted when the going gets tough for me. When he's not around I don't feel those things. 

It sure wasn't my intention to write this post but I was feeling it so what the heck, thought I'd share it with you lovely lot and post some pics of my love to make me smile, and hopefully you too! Sorry if it's a bit too much  soppiness for some of you, actually I'm not sorry at all, it should warm the cockles of your heart!

Please hurry up Friday, when I can be reunited with the other half of me, when the missing piece of my jigsaw puzzle is back in place and I can feel whole again. (there's a song in there somewhere!)
Oh yeah, that bitterness thing, I wasn't bitter for long. Let it be documented on this here blog for ever and ever, I know he'll read this when he gets back all relaxed and tanned after THREE weeks off work, oops there I go again, but I did tell him on New Years day that he deserved to go. There, I've said it. Why on earth would I be so accommodating I hear you ask? Well, Mr C was a trooper over Christmas when I was poorly, he cooked, he cleaned, he was provider of lots of cheese, chocolates and  fizzy stuff and he cared.

No you can't have him. HE'S ALL MINE.

Best not get too carried away or he'll be wanting to make more appearances on this blog. Or maybe that's not such a bad thing?

Do you miss your other half when they're away as much as I do?



  1. Awwwwwwwww!!!! Lovely post! I know exactly how you feel, I miss Mark so much when he's away... Fridays not too far away now! x x

    1. Thanks Hun. It's horrible isn't it? I don't know how you manage with him being away so often, but I guess you get used to it a little? xx

  2. Lovely sentiments - can't beat a bit of mushiness! I must admit to being almost the opposite, though - I actually look forward to my husband going away for a few days, and having some time (and the remote!) to myself. I do look forward to him coming back as well, though!

    We have been married 19 years this year, and although we love spending time together, we do quite a lot of things separately as well, weekends away, holidays etc. Since seeing my MIL struggle so badly and be almost as helpless as a baby after my FIL died quite young five years ago, really scared me, as he was just literally her life, and without him she felt she had nothing. It really made me realise that one day one of us will be without the other, and it's so important to have some independence and some sort of life apart, as well as the very happy one we have together.

    Sorry, that was a bit of an essay, but again, lovely post, I enjoyed reading it. x

    1. Not an essay at all, I loved reading your comment! To be honest I like the first day/night when he's away, being able to do as I fancy but then I start to miss him. To be honest he's not normally away for a week and if he was I'd be out and about with friends (actually a friend is coming round tonight for wine and nibbles! woohoo) Although we are joined at the hip we are still independent, if that makes sense, because like you say, that day will come as you mentioned above :( Anyway enough of that and thanks so much for taking the time to commet. Means a lot.
      Take care

  3. Cuteness, what a lovely lovely blog post :-)

  4. What a gorgeous post. I love finding out more about the person behind the blog, their life, and husbands are a major part of this. I admire the way youve been together so long and are happier than ever, it made me well up. I met my hubby when I was 18 and although we have had ups and downs, time has only made us grow closer together. I think the level of history we have and the understanding of each other is special, and you two have the same thing. Call it pregnancy hormones but this made me well up. I feel a post about my other half coming on...

    Absolutely gorgeous - the dress and the shots! I love it, so classy and summery. What a great bargain. xx

    Sarah | www.seriouslyshallow.co.uk

    1. Aww thank you lovely. I think it's important to share a little of the person behind the blog too, makes the reader connect more I think. Sorry it made you emotional, definitely those pregnancy hormones! xx


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