New Year's Eve party at our gaff !

Well New Year's Eve crept up on us quick didn't it? 

For quite a few years we've thrown a New Year's Eve party with the last few years being compulsory fancy dress. To be honest we ummed and arhhed over doing one this year as it's so much hard work. We do go to a lot of trouble with the food, drinks, decorating the house to go along with the fancy dress theme, but this year our hearts weren't fully in it. I'm not sure why, maybe it had something to do with the fact I was poorly leading up to Christmas and we were both poorly sick during and couldn't muster up the energy to sort stuff! By the time we'd made our decision to have it we were quite late in getting the invites out, so it was a little unfair on our guests but they all made the effort and did a great job. 

This years theme was Around the World in One Night.

Please excuse the slightly dodgy photo quality but I've put these on as I've found them, which I quite like as they're raw and snapped on phones throughout the night.

The hostess's with the mostess's !!! I have to point out here the Tom (making his debut on the blog) had  ordered a proper, full on, Lederhosen, you know, one of those shorts with braces type things that you wear on a mountain in Switzerland when you're herding your goats and yodeling all day. He doesn't live on a mountain or have goats by the way, although he may yodel when drunk! It's made of leather and suede, and everything, and although ordered quite late he did get an email from Royal Mail to say it would be delivered on 30th December. Didn't turn up!!!!! Another email on 31st December saying we'd signed for it!!!!! Nope, we hadn't signed for anything. Royal Mail messed up good and proper and let him down!  Anyway, all we could come up with for Tom at such short notice was a French man. He played the part well. 
Mr C and I looking rather tired before the party's even started!
Mine is a genuine Indian outfit. I got it from an Indian charity shop!!!! It's beautiful and so comfortable to wear, I want to wear it everyday!
Emily and Danielle came all the way from Hawaii.
And brought these geezers along too.
I love that my parents always join in the fun and make a massive effort with their costumes. 
Three generations, and we managed three different countries!
More guests arriving from around the world. 
Daddy photo bombing and Toby looks like he's putting a spell on someone.
Yeah, I'd say Tom is definitely speaking French here. 
Hand over the coke or your son gets it!
Girls just wanna have fun.
We ate, we drank, and we danced the night away. 
We had Karaoke, some better than others!!!!
Not sure if my mum's singing is so bad the other two are saying "shoot me now".
Mummy/Daughter selfie time.
We do a themed quiz as well and here are the winners.You can see we outdid ourselves on the medals and trophies this year. Not our fault, did I tell you we'd been poorly and had no time? 
Was about 2.30 in the morning here and I'll leave you decide if Tom is sober or not!!!!
Group one for the album. 
After sorting out camp beds, duvets, and pillows for Emily and her friends, who slept where they fell downstairs, we finally made it to bed around 4am. Phew. Bloody knackered I don't mind saying. We do love to entertain but the New Years Eve party is always so much harder as we then have to get up and clean which takes the whole of the next day. Luckily we have wooden floors throughout downstairs so it's easily swept up, if we didn't they'd be no parties whatsoever, that's for sure. Both Nick and I were very delicate and exhaustidly tired, and I'm not ashamed to say that as soon as my parents left in the morning we both went back to bed for a couple of hours. What? It was hard work and we'd been poorly don't you know. 

Here's a teeny tiny video snippet of our countdown!

We all had THE best time again, adding to the memory bank and it's simply amazing that we can spend it with our loved ones, who all love to party, and make fools of themselves in fancy dress just as much as we do.  If you want to see us all at last years party click here but please be forgiving as you will notice that a year ago my photos and blogging were in the very, very, very early stages!!!! I cringe when I look back myself.

How did you spend your New Year's Eve? Do you like fancy dress parties? 


  1. Brilliant! Happy New Year lovely x x

    1. And to you lovely lady!!! Here's to 2015 being an amazing one. xx


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