Under my tree on Christmas morn

Lots of people choose to do posts about what they got for Christmas, some don't. I'm not going to babble on about all the lovely things I had but just about the things that totally blew me away.

First this beauty.

I don't have many luxury items to my name, but some of you will know that I splashed out on my first ever Mulberry handbag in June this year and I am totally in love. I cannot thank my wonderful husband, Mr C enough because for Christmas he only went and got me the matching purse! Oh my days. It is the best. I keep stroking it like its some sort of pet. It's the Mulberry Continental wallet and is totally perfect.

Want another look?
I am a massive lover of candles. FACT. You can never have enough can you? I have them burning everyday. I was such a lucky girl in the candle department this Christmas too. I had the Yankee Candle in White Gardenia                       , which is a new one for me as I'm not usually a floral girl, I'm more into citrus fragrances, but this one is just lovely. 

The Neom candle is sensational and don't think I have to say much about this one as most people know about Neom. I got the Neom complete bliss candle, and it does what it says on the box, transports you to a world of complete bliss making the rooms in my house smell like a luxurious spa.
Now onto the this one. I've never heard of Aquiesse before, but this one truly awakens your senses. I have the white grapefruit acai and it infuses our lounge with just the right amount of fragrance, not too overpowering but boy you know it's there! It's in a glass pot with a beautiful glass lid, which you can stand your candle on whilst its burning and it looks so classy too, great on anyones table or fireplace. I am so pleased I have this in my collection and without a doubt will be getting another one.
Taking me totally by surprise was this awesome Swarovski crystal Stardust bracelet, also from my love. The one I actually got was the silver one but it was a size medium and it was too big for me. We went to the store to exchange it but they only had the small in the black. Mr C was more than happy for me to change it to the black one as we both thought I would wear the black more, you know, it goes with everything. 
The photos do not do this bracelet justice in any way, you just can't see how much it sparkles, the camera can't pick it up sadly, but take it from me, this is a beauty. The crystals are encased in the bracelet are dance and sparkle in the light. I can't wait to wear it. 
I also had some GHD straighteners from Mr C. Hell yeah, spoilt or what? I'm ashamed to say these are my first pair of GHD's, I've always gone for cheaper straighteners as it's not like I've got curly hair or anything, although I do use them everyday to iron out a few kinks, but wow, what a bloomin difference these make. Irons out the kinks in no time and makes straightening my straight hair even easier! Why on earth did I wait so long to get a pair of these? No more ruining my hair with cheap rubbish. Hello to new silky smooth hair.

Anyway, you can see in the (rubbish) shot below some of the other things I got from Santa, Downtown Abbey hand creams, reed diffuser, perfume from my amazing daughter and that's not to mention all the generous gifts that Mr C and I received as joint presents. Oh yes, and the copious amounts of chocolate and alcohol too. They're out of shot, couldn't fit them all in, but don't worry about us, we've already made a sizeable dent in them!  Thank you everyone!
But most of all, thanks to my amazing, generous and selfless husband for all of my gifts, your generosity knows no bounds. Oh and also big hugs for looking after me over the festive period whilst I was poorly. 

I will love my new Mulberry addition forever and ever. 

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and got to relax and spend time with your loved ones. I'd love to hear about what you got too. Drop me a comment. 


  1. Gorgeous presents, Steph. I'm a huge fan of candles too and I might have to buy one of the new brand you received. Lynne xx

    1. Thanks and Happy New Year to you Lynne. The Aquiesse candle is my best so far, the fragrance is truly sensational. Funny thing is I went past a lovely homeware store in our local small town and they have them in the sale, needless to say I'm going back to get another!!! xx

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  3. Jealous!!! Haha, wow, so many lovely things! Glad you had a lovely Christmas : ) x x

  4. Nice pressies. They could have been bought with me in mind x


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