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You already know by now that I have arthritis so I won't harp on too much about the fact. I was in remission for two years but the last six months have been so horrendous with pain in almost every joint.  My rheumatologist started me on a different drug with a short course of steroids two weeks ago now and it's been like a mini miracle. I have very little pain, no scratch that, hardly any pain!!!  So whilst I'm pain free I wanted to get back to doing some sort of exercise if only just one class a week to ease myself back in gently, I certainly don't want to overdo it!

I had to pop out to return an item of clothing to our local shopping centre and ended up in TK Max, as you do. I mean you can't not go in there for a browse can you? I will admit though that I only like to look at the bags and homewares mainly, I'm not one for rummaging through rails of clothes when they're in no real order or organisation, I can't be bothered and I get the hump!  I didn't come out with a bag or homeware item but a new pair of trainers.

My old trainers are 'ok' and still fully useable but they're grey and boring. I probably didn't strictly need these new trainers but I wanted something a bit brighter, bright trainers and gym gear seem to be in at the moment. The photos don't show the colour well but they are neon pink, couldn't get much brighter!! They weren't expensive either. I didn't want to pay a lot as I'm not back at the gym like I used to be, yet! These were £ 29.99.

Guess what?  Yes well done! I needed a new top too. I picked up this bargain from Costco of all places. Loved the fabric, lightweight and stretchy, loved the colour and  the best bargain at just £4.99. You'll find similar here.

The top looks more red here but its more coral/pinky in real life!!!

With my new gear I'm raring to go and I feel motivated, yes one step at at time, but exercise feels good once again. I'm enjoying it so I hope this pain free period lasts for some time.

Do you love to exercise? Do you like the bright colours I picked? Who is your go to gym wear brand or do your wear what's comfy? 



  1. Hi Steph
    It's Joanne from Instagram. Have found your blog and am loving it. Good for you doing some exercise, baby steps and all that. Love the trainers and top nice and bright. When we were in Florida in the summer I bought lime green Nike and some nice gym gear, but I have totally lost my mojo😢 come home from work at night pooped and no motivation at all to exercise and I really need to find some soon as I got on the scales this morning and lo and behold 7 pounds has sneaked on just like that! I knew everything was starting to feel tight. In last few yes I have gone from a ten to a twelve, keep saying its middle age spread but def don't want to be a 14. Not saying that's overly big but on a 5 ft nothing gal like me it's not a good look. What exercise are you doing and any tips too inspire me lol xxx

    1. Aww. Thanks for the lovely comments about my blog Joanne. I was the same. Since shoulder surgery a year ago and join pain I've been unable to do much exercise at all and a stone has crept on!!!!! Shocking. Like you I'm a five foot nothing gal too so I really notice. Time it came off, so I'm starting back with just classes at the gym at the mo and taking it form there. Just hope I can keep it up as the summer is looming and legs and arms need to come out :0 xx

  2. Yay go you! Love the trainers and top! Fab colours!

    Heather x x

    1. Thanks Heather. Not making any promises as to how long it will go on for!!!! xx


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