A DIY project for big celebrations

On the 15th and 23rd March this year we had a big reason to celebrate in our household. Our daughter Emily turned 18 and our son Tom turned 21 just a week apart!!! My brain is finding it hard to comprehend where all the years have gone. Where are the little hands and feet, the snotty noses, grazed knees, the tears, the squeals of delight at the tiniest things, holding hands whilst out for a walk and that heart melting smile from the most precious things in your life. They've all grown up that's what. Yet still the most precious things in our life and always always will be. The beating of our heart.

This was the only time that the two of them would actually share a special birthday together. Yes, they'll have other milestone birthdays but not that they will both celebrate at the same time. So, we decided to mark the occasion with a party. Nothing too grand, but one that would bring together family and friends, all the special people in our lives. Some people couldn't make it on the night which was rather sad but everyone had a great time, and more importantly Tom and Emily have those memories to take with them as they continue on their journey through life.

I wanted something to mark the occasion, to give to them to keep forever so I started browsing Pinterest for ideas. I looked at various personalised prints that you could buy on line but they were expensive so decided I could do DIY style quite easily. I settled on a frame with what I call words of wisdom!! I knew in my head what I wanted to say so just pulled bits I'd seen on Pinterest and mixed with my own words. Quite frankly I love them. I typed them out, using a nice scrolling text for Emily, adding hearts and a pretty butterfly and for Tom a more standard text with stars. You may not be able to see too well but at the bottom I also added the date. As I was creating these, printing them, and finally putting them in the frames, I had to fight back the tears. I was so emotional at the fact our little babies are gone and in their place stand two of the most beautiful, kind, funny, generous and loving children we could ever wish for, I was not only emotional at the years gone by, but also the journey that they have ahead of them, which we all know can sometimes be a tough one, but I'm sure it will be full of adventure, wondrous excitement and love.

Excuse my reflection in them both, unavoidable! 

Oh my goodness I get choked up every time I read them!

These are now hanging in Tom and Emily's bedroom and I really hope they will keep them forever, if not hanging on a wall, at least as a treasured possession packed away carefully somewhere for them to look at with a smile and remember that special time in their life.

I hope you like what I've put together and that it may give you some ideas too. It's an inexpensive idea, and an extremely thoughtful gift for anyone. 

I'd love your feedback. 



  1. OMG! Steph I'm all chocked up and have tears over here! Lol! Absolutely beautiful, I love this idea, so very special, you can tell you're a fab Mum (and Mr C a fab Dad too) I'm sure Tom & Emily will treasure these forever! awwww x x x x

    1. Aww Heather didn't mean to make you shed a tear but they are so poignant and make me all emotional! Thanks too for such a lovely comment, it really means a lot.
      Lots of love

  2. Such a great idea Steph, they are beautiful and the words are lovely
    Laurie x

    1. Thanks Laurie, something for them to look back on when they're older !!!! xx


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