Springtime goodies || happy days

A couple of weekends ago I had to go into work on a Saturday morning. It's not a regular occurrence so you don't need to feel sorry for me, I'm very fortunate in that I don't work any weekends but this one I had some catching up to do.

It was one of the first weekends Mr C and I had nothing planned since the beginning of the year and were looking forward to doing, well, nothing much really. You know, cooking something nice for dinner, watching rubbish Saturday night TV, slobbing out and not having to worry about time constraints! Pure bliss.

Anyway, I came home from work and was quite chilled out and in a good mood, which is quite impressive for being in work on a weekend! I walked in the door to find a steaming cup of tea waiting for me, and all the cleaning done!!! Result.

But not only that...........

I went upstairs to the office to find a little pile of goodies wrapped in brown paper. Was it my birthday? Nope. Was it Christmas? Most definitely not. It was my husband being his usual gorgeous generous self. No reason needed.

I excitedly unwrapped my little stash to find these beauties......

Springtime mug. Isn't it just the prettiest?

Belgian chocolate lambs. Cute but just waiting to be devoured. Not sorry.

And just feast your eyes on this new note book.


The words are totally amazing and are ones I try and hold in my head every day, especially the envision greatness, as I do envision greatness for my blog every single day. It may not happen but hey, you've got to dream big, right?

Mr C wanted to surprise me with some springtime blogging goodies. And surprise me he certainly did. I had the biggest grin across my face and squealed with delight.  Isn't springtime just the prettiest month? Full of flowers, bouncy spring lambs, not the chocolate variety, and hopefully better weather!!!

So my blogging days are all set. New mug for copious amounts of tea. Chocolate:essential food for brain function and a fresh clean new note book. Happy days.

Mr C picked up all of my goodies at Homesense. They do some fabulous notebooks, pens, mugs and devine storage boxes for the home and office.

Do you get excited by a new notebook? What are your blogging essentials? 



  1. How gorgeous is that? Can he give some tips to my hubby??? So thoughtful! I love a new notebook, in fact I have a stash of notebooks in the cupboard ready for when the current one runs out. Gorgeous mug too. Lucky lady! Lynne xx

  2. He's always so thoughtful Lynne, I'm very lucky! I'll put him touch with your hubby, he he ! xx

  3. Lucky you!!! That would of made my day too!!
    x x


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