Bedroom refresh || Whites and Greys

I've not posted anything homey for quite some time and as we've refreshed our bedroom recently I thought you might like to see what we've done. I only wish I'd have taken a before picture but it completely went out of head. Doh! It was totally different, mostly browns with plum accent colours and I knew after scouring Pinterest I wanted grey and white to make it light and fresh, not that it wasn't before, I know the brown and plum colour makes it sound as though it was quite dark and dull but it wasn't as our room is naturally bright and sunny anyway. We'd had our bedroom furniture for years so it was ready to be replaced and we just bought why not do the whole room? We've not gone for expensive items, we've kept it to quite a low budget really as this year is an costly one for us for various reasons. The most expensive thing was the new furniture but its from Ikea so certainly not as expensive as it could have been. As I go through I'll give links to the items where I can or something similar.

I wanted beside tables that had plenty of storage but again didn't want to fork out to much. When walking around Ikea I spotted their KALLAX shelving units at just £20 each and then saw the grey fabric baskets to slot inside. Perfect. I did worry that they'd be a bit too high for the bed but actually they're not at all and work so well adding plenty of extra storage.

The beautiful plaques were from The Range but I can't see them on the website. They may still be in store but I did get these a little while ago, whilst we were still deciding if we were doing the room or not. You can get a similar one from Melody Maison.

Wall mirror: Ikea (not online now but round one here) // Flowers: Homesense 

Candle: Primark // Similar one here.

Chandelier: Wilkinsons

The wooden LOVE sign is also from The Range but can only find this one on the website. However there are tonnes similar to mine on Ebay!

Before you say anything I know that black TV kinda spoils the look but it is what it is, can't survive without a TV up there! I wanted a dressing table to fit the small area by the wardrobes which was left just doing nothing, but really struggled to find one. I spotted this small office desk at Ikea and knew it would adapt well as my little dressing table, it even has a drawer to store make up and all my bits and bobs. The thing is with interiors you often have to adapt when you can't find exactly what you want and Ikea furniture is so good for that, just so versatile. Now the curtains I fell in love with the minute I saw them and were exactly what I was after. I wanted patterned and light grey and had seen loads on Pinterest but they were all from American stores so I did a little jump for joy when I saw these ones. I love them that much I wanted them in my lounge too (yes I'm turning that grey) but when I went last week I found out they've been discontinued *sob*

Cushion covers: Ikea (similar) // Lamps: Wilkinson (similar) // Bedding: Ikea (similar) 

Laptop/ipad tray: You guessed it Ikea!

Rather than paper the walls we decided to just opt for one accent wall in light grey and keep the rest white. Again, no fancy top of the range paint used here, just a reasonably priced one from Wilkinson's that went on the wall beautifully. We went through quite a few tester pots before I found the exact grey I wanted, who knew there were so many different shades of grey, more than fifty I can tell you! You know what it's like though don't you? Mr C would have easily opted for the first colour we tested on the wall, in his mind grey is grey, but ohhhh no, I had this vision of grey in my head and I wasn't going to stop until I'd found exactly what I was looking for! I'm really sorry to say though that I can't remember the name of the paint, I know I'm rubbish, but you'll just have to go on your own fifty shades of grey paint hunt. 

I hope you like what we've done and that it may give you a little inspiration for your own bedroom project/makeover.  I'd love to know your thoughts so please let me know in the comments. 

ps. We've done Emily's room too in vintage/shabby chic, so that will be in a post very soon. 

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  1. WOW WOW WOW!!!!! Your bedroom looks fabulous, soo stylish! I'm loving the grey so much too! You guys have done an amazing job!
    Looking forward to seeing Emily's vintage room!
    Love it!
    Heather xxx

    1. Thanks so much Heather, we're really pleased with how it turned out x

  2. Love it Stephanie! :) We have those Kallax shelves in our living room too - black with an orange drawer! xx

  3. Moving home soon and had planned a grey and white bedroom so this has given me lots of inspiration. Its beautiful

    Carrieanne x
    Beauties Unlocked

    1. That's really kind of you Carrieanne, glad it's given you a little inspiration. xx

  4. Ooooh, I love it. Our bedroom in the last house was grey and white (and our living room is too) so I am a big fan of that colour scheme. I've been eyeing up the bigger version of your dressing table for an alcove in our spare bedroom when we revamp it. And as for the TV - sometimes it just has to be done doesn't it ;) x

    1. Thats so nice of you to say Emma. Grey and white is definitely going into our lounge too!xx


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