Week in photos #7

Monday Em and I had coffee, cake and shopping plans. Em still had nothing to wear for the wedding we were to attend on Saturday, last minute Lill and all that, so in to town we went. 

Now technically I didn't 'need' anything at all but I wanted plenty so of course came home with a few bits for myself too, our 'just a dress for Emily' trip turned out to be a bit of a Primark and H&M mini haul!

Dress & top for me from Primark which I'll probably feature in another post, maybe.

Oh and I did get a top for the gym as I started back at the Legs, bums and tums class Monday night after roughly six months away. Not just one dress but three dresses, shirt, tights and workout gear came home with Em.

Tuesday I was at work so a bit of a nothingness day, although I hurt like hell from the class the night before, how did I get so unfit? I did have an event planned in Birmingham for Tuesday evening but sadly that was postponed, I was really looking forward to it as well but it's hopefully happening in March now.

Wednesday I attended the Northern Cobbler SS16 launch at their coffee shop & showroom.

I had a rather lovely morning with shoes, coffee and cake, my three favourite things. Coffee and cake are becoming a bit of a habit aren't they? A post on the launch will be coming soon.

Thursday - work again (boo).

You guessed it, Friday was coffee meet-up day (I DID NOT have cake) with my mum and aunties, that came around quick and being half term week my sister was able to come this time with her littlelies which was so nice as I don't see them enough.

Friday night we were heading off to the local climbing wall with friends, as you do on a Friday night, I wasn't climbing through, not with my rubbish joints at the mo, but Mr C was. I was going to be official photographer but I got a bad headache so pulled out at the last minute, hence the pretty dire shots taken by Mr C. They all managed to have a good time without my presence, or so they say, I know they missed me terribly really, and there is now talk of the conquering Kilimanjaro in the next couple of weeks! 

Saturday was a fabulous day. My brother-in-law got married! The whole shebang, service and shindig took place at a hotel in Northamptonshire. The groom handsome, the bride stunning and in fact the whole wedding party scrubbed up rather well! No personal photos here I'm afraid folks for obvious reasons.

I do love a good wedding and it was so nice to have the family together, you know what it's like, you only see everyone at weddings and funerals, it's so true and so sad. The wedding party had the whole of the hotel, with lots of us staying over, and the whole day was very special from start to finish. Can we do it all again please Alix and Lexie? 

    Incase he got lost! 

Sunday we all said our goodbyes after a full on cooked breakfast and went our separate ways. I was shattered and desperate to get home, not through overdoing the alcohol, I know what you're thinking, and you'd be right on most occasions, but not this time. I didn't sleep at all in the hotel, my pillow turned out to be a pancake, flat as, and I swear they cranked the heating up full blast to torture us all in our beds for being so noisy and naughty (Mr C) all night, I was certainly on the well done side when I got up, in a zombie like state, match sticks anyone?

Too shattered to cook lunch we walked, or should I say we were blown to the other side of the village for someone else to cook it for us. Sunday was a bloody windy day, where did that gale from and did it have a name? A scrumptious roast at the Waterside Inn washed down with a glass of rosé was the order of the day with yet another memorable week in the bag.

I do hope your weeks been a good one? 

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