My week in photos #5

Hey everyone. Hope you've had a great weekend, I can't believe another week has gone already! A pretty quiet one in these parts so not very much to show you guys in the way of photos I'm afraid. 

Monday, Emily and I went for a nice brisk walk around the village in a bid to kickstart our fitness campaign. We donned our trainers, waterproof coats and gloves and walked for a good 45 mins, not the longest walk granted, but you've got to start somewhere. Baby steps. 

Tuesday I was at work all day and Wednesday I spent most of the day at home catching up on my domestic chores, it was actually a really bright sunny day, cold but sunny. I even got some washing on the line to dry in the strong breeze. About half an hour after pegging it out I decided to take a walk to the other side of the village (whoop 2nd walk in a week, go me) to see my cousin who had just moved into her apartment. I was speaking to her on the phone to say I was leaving when I looked out the window at a pile of whites strewn all over the garden. Not blown off the washing line but the washing line had snapped!!!!!!! Arghhh, and the day was going so well. I rescued everything, must of only just happened as luckily everything was clean, and tootled off on my way in search of her apartment and coffee. 

Nothing much to report for Thursday and Friday. Boring. 

Saturday saw us head off to London again. I do love going to the city. I deserve a nice bolt hole down there, couple of bedrooms, overlooking the Thames so I can pop down at the weekends, anyone got a spare 4 million quid? 

We'd got tickets to go and see The Book of Mormon, you know we love a good show, and we've talked about going to see it with our friends for so long. I knew it had so many good reviews but was worried it wouldn't live up to my expectations and I'd be disappointed.

I needn't have worried. My sides nearly split and my belly hurt from laughing so much. I wasn't sure what to expect but it is bloody brilliant, you should go see it, although word of warning it's not for the easily offended. I want to go see it again without a doubt as there was so much going on on that stage I'm sure I missed loads. 

I didn't take my camera with me to London as the weatherman had forecast rain all day, I believe for most of the UK actually and I didn't want it to get wet or lug it around in a big bag so my iphone had to suffice, hence not the best photos.  We'd booked for the matinee performance and went for a meal in the evening, other than that we didn't do a lot as the weather had us ducking in and out of coffee shops.

Starters.....yum, featuring crab cakes, pulled pork pizzette, bruschetta, and stuffed mushrooms. 

Sarah and I were on the fizz and Mr C had several double espressos as he was driving. Yes he was bouncing off the walls. We couldn't stop over Mr C had more search and rescue training starting early Sunday morning. 

We went to Prezzo and the staff were so lovely. We'd booked a table for 7.30 but because the weather was downright miserable we thought we'd go along as see if they could fit us in any earlier, and then we'd also be able to leave London a little earlier. They were so accommodating and seated us in no time at all.

The starters were delicious but the mains weren't very hot, and Sarah and I really do love our food (and drinks) to be piping hot, so they all had to go back. When they returned the pastas were a little dry and Mr C's risotto was a tad gloopy, so that was a shame, we ate it all though and moved on to dessert! The food shots are pre re-heating stage.

Sticky toffee pudding and cheesecake. I had the cheesecake and hardly any calories really as I shared with Mr C. The sticky toffee pudding was the biggest slab I have ever seen and devoured almost single handily by Mike. 

We got home around 12.30 from London and went straight to bed after our long day. I slept but Mr C didn't. Yes, espressos are great for keeping you alert on that long drive home, but trying to get to sleep with all the caffeine coursing through your veins? 

Sunday was a nice quiet one for me. Holed up inside, cosy and warm whilst we were battered by more wind and rain (when's it gonna stop?) and Mr C went off for his life saving training, it was all indoors luckily. When he got home we headed off out to a local pub for a carvery, yes I couldn't be bothered to cook, yes that's the picture above of my pate piled high and yes it was good!

Sorry nothing much exciting this week but more planned for next week and a big party and hotel stopover at the weekend. 



  1. That sounds like a great week to me! Oh the food looks amazing! I hope you have an equally great week coming up!

  2. What a lovely week! 45min walk is good! I always try to do between 30mins and an hour otherwise I fond it becomes a chore haha! Day out in London ,fab! Would love to see The Book of Mormon, I love the theatre! Haven't been for ages!!
    Heather xxx

    1. Thanks Heather, true on the walking side of things, wouldn't be good if it became boring! xx

  3. Oh I love the Book of Mormon! Such a great show. What a nice idea for a post, to share your week as a memory at the same time as inspiring others, really lovely. And those food photos are just mouthwatering - yum!
    Louise x

    1. Oh isn't just a fantastic show Louise, one of the best I've seen! I'm glad you like my week in photos, it's like a little bit of a weekly diary, not that writing a blog isn't anyway but this just wraps up my weeks nicely and if it inspires anyone them great. xx

  4. I always really enjoy catching up with these posts. Drooling over your roast, YUM!

    Kirstie | Behind The Scent


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