My week in photos #6

Arghhh......Monday was a bit of a washout, I got caught in the rain......twice, and closely resembled a drowned rat! First trip was to the post office to return a mountain of dresses I'd ordered online that didn't fit, see, that's the exact reason I hate ordering clothes online, nothing ever fits, well hardly ever, I may have had success with one or two items, but that's all. Second trip was to the supermarket (had to be done-fridge was bare), oh and to fill up on petrol. Anyway, managed the petrol with no dramas, pulled up at the supermarket and the heavens decided to open again. Ah ha, I have my brolly, which was absolutely no good to me whatsoever, it proceeded to blow inside out, I very nearly did a Mary Poppins right there and then in the Tesco carpark, I hung on for dear life but with a hefty gust the brolly broke, Storm Imogen has a lot to answer for, I threw it in the trolly in disgust and just as I did, along came the next gust, whipping the bags up out of the trolley and into a big fat wet puddle. Bloody terrific.

Yes I did get wet coming out of said store and I got even wetter unloading the wet bags out of the car but at this point I'd given up caring, I even waved to the neighbour looking like a very sad version of Alice Cooper! To ease my pain I popped the kettle on and sat down with my newly purchased In style mag which incidentally came with a free Ciaté nail polish and had no bearing on me buying the magazine whatsoever.

As ridiculous as this may sound I was very proud of the contents of my fridge after my expedition so took a photo to show you lot, as you do, everyone takes photos of the insides of their fridge, don't they? Just look though, coconut water, Alpro almond milk, grapes, strawberries, raspberries, veg, chicken, salad, greek yogurt. I know you're nodding you're head and going "wow" right now and any dietician I'm sure would give me a gold star and a pat on the back. Why does all this food only last a couple of days though?

Tuesday was of course Pancake day over here in the UK and my kids will not let it pass by without several of them loaded with half a tonne of Nutella. I can take them or leave so only had the one to be polite. 

Loaded with half a tonne of Nutella and fresh raspberries to make it the healthy option!

Wednesday I had my brows done. They're a bit thinner than I'd like this time but for some reason they weren't level (god knows how that had happened as I don't pluck them because sadly the don't grow much anymore!) so Laura had to thin them a little to get them back to where they should be, on a level playing field so we (she) can build them back up again. 

Thursday night I rocked up at my cousins apartment with my mum, aunties x 2, daughter and her best friend and my sister, I think Gemma thought every man and his dog was coming for coffee.

Friday night was spent on beauty prep for my works 'Christmas' party in February, you heard me right.  It's normally in Jan which is nice and something to look forward to once the festivities have died down, this year though because our director wanted the same band as last year and them not being available in Jan, Feb it had to be so Happy christmas to one and all! 

Elemis eye mask: essential. Tanning with my favourite St Moritz self tanner: even more essential. 

Saturday lunchtime we headed into town, frocks and suits in hand. The do was held at The Grand Hotel right in the city of Leicester, a very grand Victorian building which has been modernised to a good standard whilst keeping all its oldy-worldy charm with its sweeping staircases and ballrooms. It's close to all city centre amenities and the train station and it now houses the Marco Pierre-White restaurant. 

Us ready to partaaay! No incriminating photos of the night are available. Despite living only a twenty minute drive from the hotel we decided to stop over and make the most of it, it was valentines weekend after all. It always makes it an even better night when you can get ready at the hotel and then not have to rush home at the end, I think we got to bed about 2.30am which was actually quite early for us lot! 

Luckily on Sunday we didn't have to be out of our rooms until noon so we had a lazy start and meandered down for breakfast about 10am.  I'm not a big breakfast eater, don't have anything most days, I just can't face anything until at least an hour after I've got up, but when I'm at a hotel it's a different matter entirely, fry up, cereals, fruit, orange juice, and hey I even had THREE, yes three green juice shots, ha, that dealt with all the alcohol from the night before! 

To blow off the cobwebs I suggested a walk down to Brü, a delightful little independent coffee shop just down the road from the hotel. Local bloggers have met up there a couple of times and sampled their wares but both times I've not been able to make it. Not wanting to miss out and being on the doorstep and all that a visit for coffee and cake was totally necessary. Yes, I am aware that we'd not long had breakfast thank you.

I'd heard many goods thing about Brü from my fellow bloggers and every word is true. Every cake you could imagine, whispering your name from behind the glass screen, mouthwatering gelato, and waffles galore. The staff are amazingly friendly and I think that's what always makes a place, if the staff are grumpy so and so's, not matter how wonderful the food, I'll never go back. Brü has nailed the whole combination.

We only had coffee, hot chocolate for me, and one measly bit of cake this time round so that means I have to go back to eat more cake, and waffles, I have to sample to the waffles for you, for research purposes.

Sunday afternoon was a weird one weather wise, sunshine and snow!!!! In the sunny spells I dragged Mr C out to play photographer as I needed to get some shots for a fashion post coming soon. Here's a little sneak peek.

I've got a very busy week next week, with a couple of blogger events to attend and then a wedding on Saturday. Oh and I'm off back to the gym tomorrow night, round of applause for me.

Hope you all have a great week folks.

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  1. Great post hun! you're always so busy! I love reading about what you get up too!
    Heather xxx

    1. We have been so busy lately with one thing and another, not that I'm complaining! xx


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