Outfit of the Day for London Fashion Weekend

I thought I'd quickly show you my outfit from London Fashion Weekend. I attended on the Friday with Radhika from Radhika Recommends and we both had a fab day. Even though our feet were on fire from all the standing and walking we managed to find ourselves a side street with the most beautiful houses for our backdrop and of course Radhika and I were picking which one we wanted to live in. In all honesty we must have taken these shots in five seconds flat with Mr C's assistance, as we were desperate to rest our feet and get some food in our bellies!

It's all high street and was totally put together at the last minute. I had intended on wearing something else but had a bit of a crisis with it so resorted to the trousers I had in my wardrobe and popped into town to get something to go with them.

London Fashion Weekend outfit of the day Priceless Life of Mine style New Look trousers

The tie waist tapered trousers are from New Look and are the most comfortable trousers I own. Being short, or petite as some would like to call it, I wasn't sure if a cropped trouser would look good on me, but I think these work. I didn't opt for a pair from the petite range, actually I'm even not sure they do them in petite, so they're longer on me than on the 'normal' height person but that's okay. I love the plum/burgundy colour too, perfect to see me through Autumn and Winter.

I was so pushed for time to find something suitable to wear on top. I knew the weather was going to be kind to us but thought it best to get something with long sleeves as I didn't plan on taking a jacket. I spotted this frilled shoulder blouse in H&M and wasn't sure about it at first but took it home anyway as I was running out of choice and time! I tried it on with the trousers when I got home and was chuffed with the way the outfit and accessories came together.

The shoes are from Matalan but they were a big mistake. Not a mistake because they were from Matalan but because HEELS full stop were a BIG mistake. Both Radhika and I thought, yep, let's glam it up, that's what everyone does right? Wrong. There were very few in heels. Trust me, lesson learnt for next time. Flats all the way. The stupid thing is I had flats out to put in my bag so I could change into them but then left them at home. IDIOT :(

London Fashion Weekend outfit of the day Priceless Life of Mine style H&M blouse

Sorry my bag and accessories didn't get in any shots but like I say food was calling!! You nearly didn't get anything.

You can find details on the trousers here and the blouse here.

Have you been to London Fashion Weekend? 



  1. Loved your outfit Steph! Great blog post with great memories from our day at LFW :)

  2. This outfit looks gorgeous on you! The blouse in particular is so cute :') x

  3. Love this outfit Steph, you look amazing! :)
    Yes, I can imagine heels being a no no, but every i saw seems to be wearing them, but guess they maybe all had flats in their bags.lol
    I'd love to head down one year, just to see what it's all about..


  4. I really love this look! I am so not a trouser person but you always pull them off so elegantly!

    Charlotte | www.shoestringchic.co.uk

    1. Thanks so much Charlotte that's so kind of you to say especially as I'm not that much of a trouser person either! xx

  5. Love your outfit hun! Stunning! xxx


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