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tea matcha teapigs Priceless Life of Mine

I love my tea. We have some much of the stuff in our house. All different varieties and flavours. However, they're not mine. The belong to my son Tom. Me? I'm just a regular tea-bag kinda girl. Dunk it and go. If you know me you know I like it not too strong, no builders tea that you can stand your spoon up in, but not too milky, somewhere in the middle, just right! I could start a debate here about whether the milk goes in first or last, but we'll not bother because it's first!! :)

tea matcha teapigs Priceless Life of Mine

As I said all the fancy teas belong to Tom, he's a real tea belly too. We referred to him as 'Tea-bag Tom' as he was growing up. Poor lad. He's got a right selection going on, in fact I'm fast running out of places to store them all. He's got his little tea pot and tea strainer too. I can't get my head around these fruit teas and herbal teas, they're just flavoured water with no substance, all wishy washey, but I wish I could. I really wish I could. I know they can be good for you with teas to calm you, teas to help you sleep better and tea to give you energy. On a trip to York Tom came back with yet more tea but this time a Moroccan mint tea. The smell of this was out of this world and I had to try it. That's the thing with me, the all smell bloody lovely but then I taste it, and yuck, not for me.  Anyway, no bags with this one, proper leaves so it was a tea pot and strainer job.

tea matcha teapigs Priceless Life of Mine

I'm happy to report that my palette quite liked this one. I find it has more oomph than say a peppermint tea, as I think this is made with spearmint and packs more of a punch. Yay, go me. I'm a moroccan tea drinker. How very fancy. At least I know I'll be okay if I go to Morocco.

The other 'non-regular' tea I drink is matcha, but don't get to thinking I'm turning into a healthy tea drinker because I'm certainly not. I did try this 'neat' but oh my goodness, there is no way on this earth that I will ever try that again. It's wrong! How can anyone drink that?! I only drink it as an iced matcha latte and that is yummy. I know matcha is super good for you and you still get the benefits by taking it other ways so it's all good.

tea matcha teapigs Priceless Life of Mine

A little selection of some of the teas we've got going on right now.

tea matcha teapigs Priceless Life of Mine

tea matcha teapigs Priceless Life of Mine

I think Toms favourite overall is green tea, either as it comes or blended with something else. He loves it with lemon and he's liking the ginger bread ones at the mo too. Oh and one that's not in the picture are the Teapigs liquorice and peppermint ones as he's ran out, he loves that weird and wonderful combination. Strange boy. It's funny how the world of tea has grown, with so many varieties and brands to choose from, you go into any supermarket and the boxes and packets on the shelves is vast with some of the well known ones charging quite a lot.

tea matcha teapigs Priceless Life of Mine

Fo now though I'll be sticking to my regular cup of Rosie lea with the odd moroccan one thrown in *fist pumps the air*. I drink a LOT of tea and know I should really cut down. I want to try harder to train my brain to like the fruity ones and the herbal ones as I know they have so many health benefits.

Do you like tea? What sort is your favourite?  



  1. I've never been a fan of tea, we dont really have it in our house. I have been drinking matcha everyday tho, I add it to my protein shakes rather than have it as a tea though :)

    1. ooh matcha in your protein shake sounds good Lianne, as long as you're having it then any which way is good! x


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