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ZO Skin health Obagi skincare cosmeceuticals Anti-aging Priceless Life of Mine

Skin. We've all got it. Yet everyone's is very different. I don't like mine at all although I've got it till the bitter end so I'm doing my best to look after it but it often makes me work hard and makes me despair sometimes. You may think that sounds really dramatic but it's not. My friend Sarah knows exactly where I'm coming from with this as we have more or less the same skin type that just doesn't seem to behave itself no matter what you do. We both have crappy skin and I know she won't mind me saying that as we're often comparing the size of our spots!  :( (True friends)

I wasn't blessed with great skin genes and as you've heard me say many a time I've had to battle those spots/zits/pimples whatever you want to call them all my life and I'm still zapping the shitty things in my forties (what the hell?!) Let's add into the mix, lines, wrinkles, dark circles, pigmentation, oooh aren't I the lucky one? I'd love all of you to tell me you have the same problems but I highly doubt it.

A few months back I had a collagen PIN treatment (make sure you click here to read that) at the Medizen clinic in Sutton Coldfield and the lovely Mary-Jane went over my skincare routine. I was using a good range of skincare products already but apparently my skin needs more. Oh boy does it! So say hello to the Anti-aging program that I am now using.

ZO Skin health Obagi skincare cosmeceuticals Anti-aging Priceless Life of Mine

The ZO skin health range was created by Zein Obagi. Apparently the No1 professional cosmeceutical range. I'd heard of Obagi before from reading about the Obagi skin peel many moons ago so was really interested in the range. ZO Skin Health can provide products that can be tailored to your specific needs and are said to deliver clinically proven results. These products are not sold over the counter and they're only available in selected clinics. I had a lengthy chat with Mary-Jane about what I would need and I decided on the phase II anti-aging program and was excited to get started. 

ZO Skin health Obagi skincare cosmeceuticals Anti-aging Priceless Life of Mine

What's in the VERY EXPENSIVE box? 

Offects exfoliating cleanser 
Offects exfoliating polish 
Offects TE pads 
Ossential growth factor serum plus 
Ossential daily power defense 
Oclipse sunscreen and primer

ZO Skin health Obagi skincare cosmeceuticals Anti-aging Priceless Life of Mine

I love all the products in here apart from one and that's the exfoliating cleanser. It's a wash off cleanser and I'm not a fan of them so I won't be buying it again. It's only a small tube and Mr C uses it more than I do. 

The two I adore the most are the growth factor serum and the all in one sunscreen and primer. The serum is for night time use and it helps to stimulate cell renewal and collagen production. It's a gel-like texture, extremely lightweight and leaves your skin ridiculously soft. The sunscreen and primer is fab. At first I wasn't sure about but now I don't think I could live without it. It offers broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection but it multitasks as a make up primer and my foundation glides on when I use this. It's tinted so doesn't leave you looking ashy and white like some face sunscreens do. 

Oh, sorry there's another one I adore. The exfoliating polish. This is like no other manual exfoliator that I've used. Seriously. Yes, it's granular, this one is with magnesium crystals, but I mean like no other I've used immediately afterwards. This one leaves my skin with a slight redness but it's glowing and radiant, it kind of boosts my circulation and it feels like the blood is really pumping. It's so hard to explain. I've not much left of this but because the other items are so expensive to replace I might not be able to get this again. 

ZO Skin health Obagi skincare cosmeceuticals Anti-aging Priceless Life of Mine

The daily power defense is my day time moisturiser. This one uses DNA repair enzymes to enhance your skins recovery capabilities. Very scientific! There's more, it works all day with time-release retinol and antioxidants to repair and protect. I have literally just bought myself a new one of these. I had enough money to get one product when I visited the clinic last week, it was either the serum or the daily power defense. Mary-Jane suggested this one as I still have a tiny bit of the serum left. 

I purchased the starter kit and that was expensive enough but it gave me a chance to try all the products and decide which ones I want to carry on using. Ahem......all of them!!! Because of the cost though I will end up deciding which ones I truly can't live without and the others I'll have to say bye bye to. 

As you get older your skin needs more help and I am happy to invest in it because as I say we've got it till the bitter end and it's on show to the world every day of our lives. 

What skincare brand do you use?  Have you heard of ZO Skin Health? 



  1. I've never heard of this brand before! I like the packaging - not many brands use deep royal blue (apart from Nivea?). It's a shame you weren't a fan of the cleanser. I need to start on the anti aging - the younger you start using it the better!!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x


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