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Guerlain Parure gold foundation skin makeup cosmetics

I have issues with foundation. And foundation has issues with me. Well, my skin, not me personally. Right from being a teenager I've struggled to find THE one for me. I've always had oily skin, spotty skin, and dull-ish skin, my I was blessed with shit skin wasn't I? Thanks mother. Every foundation always ending up sliding off my face by midday. All I've ever wanted is one that covers all those troublesome blemishes, looks flawless and natural and makes you glow. Not too much to ask is it?! Oh and one more thing, it mustn't make my ever increasing wrinkles more obvious.

I guess most women have the same problem finding their holy grail foundation but I have the added problem of freckles so find it hard to get the right shade too, but we won't go into that! Anyway, a while back I saw Sali Hughes raving about a new foundation that had just been released by Guerlain.

And supposedly great for the older woman, that's me then, bathing your face in rejuvenating light. Woah. That's some claim. BUT, Sali Hughes fell in love with it so I had to try it. Over the last couple of years my skin has dried out quite a lot, (not helping with the wrinkles side of things) but I don't have that oil slick look any more thank goodness. I wouldn't have opted for this foundation otherwise as this is not a good one for oily skin.

Guerlain Parure gold foundation skin makeup cosmetics Priceless Life of Mine

The liquid has gold light reflecting particles combined with a collagen boosting active ingredient which helps to give your skin a radiant beauty and glow.


I was truly excited to try this and I was not disappointed. It's a full coverage foundation, which I like, and application is easy, in fact it glides on like a dream and I love the pump dispenser. FYI - I apply with my fingertips and use my beauty blender to blend it in seamlessly. It gives fab coverage with just one application but I'll go over any spots or blemishes with more. I use it around my eyes too and it doesn't dry out or go cakey. I've always had issues with this when using other foundations around my eye area as it's really dry, but this one works well. Being a 40+ woman I need to avoid dry and cakey like the plague! It doesn't sink into my pores either.  Another bonus is that it has an SPF of 30 in it.

After much debate and trying in different department stores I went for shade 01 beige pale. I was torn between that one and shade 12 Rose Clair which is a little warmer. Turns out 01 is perfect for me and was the right choice in the end.

I love how it makes my skin look. It definitely looks more radiant and alive. Alive is good as when I wake I resemble something from the Addams family!

Guerlain Parure gold foundation skin makeup cosmetics Priceless Life of Mine

What I don't like

I love the sleek black bottle but I do not like the fact that you cannot see how much is left so no indication as to when you're about to run out. 

It's a glass bottle which I know a lot of foundations come in these days but it's quite a heavy-ish one! And not great if you drop a glass bottle of heavy-ish foundation in your sink is it? Oops!!!!!!! It cracked the sink. Sorry Mr C :( 

The price point. Don't like this at all. It's expensive. Coming in at £56 for a 30ml bottle. Gulp. But for me it's worth every penny. 

Limited colour range with only 12 shades. 


This is great foundation if you're 30+ and if your budget can stretch it's worth giving it a go. Don't confuse it with the other Parure Gold fluid in the curved bottle, that's not the one you want. If you want to find out more before you make your mind up click here

I love everything about it and for sure will be re-purchasing. 

Have you tried this foundation? What are your thoughts? 


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