Vaseline Spray & Go Review

First of all, apologies that I've been a little absent over the last week and a half, I will explain in due course!

On to the review.

Probably like some of you, I saw this new product advertised on TV. You know, the one where the girl whizzes through her moisturising and dressing routine, dressed in seconds, hat on and out the door. Wish my mornings were like that. Would this new way of moisturising make it happen for me? I doubt it.

I'm a bit hit and miss when it comes to moisturising my body. Face always, body, hmm.. when I remember! This sounded like a great solution for a lazy moisturising person like me. I was in a bit of a rush the other day, dashing through Boots and and spotted them on the shelf. I had a mega quick browse of the three fragrance options for the ladies and opted for the Aloe fresh. The problem is you obviously can't test any and it's hard to know which you will like best.
Aloe Fresh £4.95
I kind of like a natural fragrance, nothing too strong and overpowering so opted for this thinking it would be light and fresh. 

I'm ridiculous when I buy a new product, but then I'm sure most women are the same, the minute I walk through the door I have to try it!!!

I sprayed a little of it on one of my arms. The instant it starts to come out of the can you get a big blob in one place but that then immediately turns into the fine spray. A quick rub and it does melt into your skin rapidly and as it says on the can leaves no sticky or greasy residue. I think a little of this will go a long way.

Now I didn't like the fragrance at first, it smelt quite chemically I thought but as it settled into my skin, it grew on me. I showered later that day and used it all over to really see what the results would be.


Spray this in your bathroom whilst standing on a towel. I didn't do this and realised what had happened when my husband then went into the bathroom nearly slipping and breaking his neck. When you spray moving slowly up and down as you go, some excess fine mist will find its way onto your floor, inevitable. We have lino in our en-suite so it was quite slippy and I'm sure if you do use it over your carpet without any protection, over time you would notice the marks.

This is the only downside but it's not a real problem as I'll use it when I get out of the shower so will always have my towel handy. 

I do like the product and I like that you can just pick it up, spray, rub and dress. No having to get out your tub, take off the lid etc, etc. 

Would I buy it again? YES. Think I will eventually try all three as they offer different skin solutions. May even buy the mens one for the other half to try!

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