I've lost my motivation

and I need to find it pretty damn quick!

I'm back to eating biscuits and bags of scrummy crisps. Crisps are my absolute downfall, any flavour will do, I really don't care. Why are multi bag packets so small these days?

Just look at this lovely mountain of deliciousness. I could polish those off in one sitting. I'm sure there's only about three or four crisps in them these days!

I've been thin all my life, lucky I know, although I actually hated being skinny when I was a young girl. I had twiglets for legs. As I've got older and certainly when I hit the big 40 I found that I had very gradually been putting weight on, nearly a stone actually without me even noticing.

I've never been on a diet in my life, always been able to eat what I want,  and have always hated any form of exercise.

A few years ago I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and was on heavy medication. My consultant told me that I should exercise to help with my joint pain. I started doing a zumba class on a Friday morning. BUT something miraculous happened last year around Spring time and I found myself doing not only zumba but lots of classes AND enjoying it. Zumba, spinning, body balance, and tums and bums. Who knew it could be such fun?

It did infact help with my pain. Hmmm......should I also try to eat healthier at the same time?

Remember, I'd never been on a diet before but I'd heard quite a few people talking about the 5:2 diet at the gym so thought I'd give it a go.
I was expecting it to be really difficult for me as I've got a sweet tooth, (love tea, lots of it, with one sugar), love carbs, spuds in any shape or form, and crisps.

Well, I was shocked. I took to the 5:2 like a duck to water. I found it really easy. Basically, I was following the rule of two fast days, eating only 500 calories, and then the other days eating sensibly. For months I did not touch one biscuit, bag of crisps, or anything naughty at all in the week. At the weekend I had a glass or two of wine and a treat. I found that my craving for anything sugary and sweet or even my weakness for stodgy carbs has disappeared. I didn't think that would be even possible.

I lived on salads,
and fruit
and it even got to a point where I was preferring them on my non fast days. I lost the stone in weight quite quickly but I know that's because I was also exercising. I didn't find it like a diet at all, more just along the lines of a healthy eating plan. 

I didn't buy the book (above) but just looked at advice on the net and went from there. Click this link to go to the website which gives you lots of info if you are interested.

I had a new found energy too, wasn't so tired or bloated constantly, I think that's because I wasn't eating all the carbs. I cut out white bread, which I definitely sussed out has a strange effect on my digestive system. Boy, does my tummy make some weird animal like noises straight after I've eaten white bread or carbs. It's like my tummy struggles with it. Intolerance?????

I felt great following this healthier eating regime, don't get me wrong I didn't turn into a total health freak or anything, but loved how it made me feel.

Fast forward to February 2014 and me having a week off work. I'd been left alone at home with biscuits, crisps and so many naughty things calling out to me. How can you resist a chocolate digestive when it's whispering your name. Who the bloody hell put those in the house?

Goodbye, 5.2, goodbye healthier eating, goodbye multiple gym classes. That was that. My motivation did a runner.

I managed well over Christmas so why could I not manage one easy week? Answers on a postcard please.
I'm back to feeling tired and sluggish, bloated and unhealthy.

I wonder if better weather, lighter nights and the temptation of spring will spur me on? Lets face it, it's around the corner isn't it, with all the flowers and nature coming alive, it's within touching distance.

Why is it so hard to get into the groove again? If I'm not careful I'll be undoing all my good work weight wise. I need to find my motivation, like yesterday, so if anyone sees it or can help or motivate me in any way please get in touch.

Thanks in advance for your support!


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